Slow & non-loading sites

  daveac41 16:27 13 Jul 2007

I use both IE7 and Firefox. Often, when I click on often-used bookmarks, I get a message saying that the site "could not be found.Please check the name and try again". I re-click , and the site opens sometimes, but not always. I suspect some sort of malware is present. I have Zone Alarm and Ad-Aware. I've tried others but the problem remains.
I run XP Pro SP2.

Can anyone help, please?

  brundle 16:58 13 Jul 2007

More info required; version of Windows, ISP, broadband/dialup, modem or router, any antivirus and internet security software.

  brundle 16:59 13 Jul 2007

Oops posted too soon , edit that to `ISP, modem or router, AV`

  daveac41 17:30 13 Jul 2007


I am usng Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 : ISP is ntl/Virgin Broadband via modem - Only Zone Alarm & Ad Aware present on system, apart from Windows internal XP software

  daveac41 00:16 16 Jul 2007

I take it nobody knows, then

  birdface 08:15 16 Jul 2007

Normally my message is,Timed out,Happens with Firefox or IE7.And mostly on PCA.I am also with Virgin,So that may be the common fault.

  wee eddie 08:16 16 Jul 2007

Or are you using the Paid-up Zone Alarm

  daveac41 08:42 16 Jul 2007


I am using the month's free trial Zone Alarm

  birdface 10:11 16 Jul 2007

Just like this. click here Get it quite a lot .Like I said I am with Virgin so don't know if thats the problem.

  birdface 13:12 16 Jul 2007

click here .Hi it's been bad to-day on both.Had problems With PCA before they fixed it.Looks like the same sort of problems.But no-body else complaining ,So probably something to do with Virgin.

  birdface 13:13 16 Jul 2007

Sorry ignore that click here .It was just the same problem but different wording just like yours on IE7.

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