slow network wiring

  ricvic 21:51 18 Dec 2008

This will, I am sure, be easy for those who know what they are doing (i.e. not me!)
I have run a 25m cat5 cable from my router to an upstairs room on the other side of the house. The 'near' end, plugged in to the router has the original connector. I have connected the 'far' end to a wallplate. The network connects, but painfully slowly. It reports a 10mps connection, whereas my other pc (also wired connection to the router) reports 100mps. I have wired the wallplate using the "A" wiring pattern, so that the cable is, in effect A-A to the wallplate. I am sure that I am doing something obviously silly and will be very grateful if someone will gently point it out to me. R

  bobbybowls 22:51 18 Dec 2008

in A do you mean T-568A ? i have a network wired in the T-568B pattern as this was the colour of the cable that came with the router.
click here
also make sure the wires are punched down correctly in the wall plate, as i discovered one of mine was not far enough down and the signal would drop out.

  ricvic 07:45 19 Dec 2008

Thanks for this. Unfortunately your link does not deal with wiring into a wall plate. The plate has a wiring guides (for A or B). Am I right in thinking that if I have it wrong the network will not work at all? Therefore I have the wiring right in terms of which colour goes where, but need to improve it for speed.

  bobbybowls 11:33 19 Dec 2008

make sure that you only untwist as much as is necessary to terminate the wires.

1/2 inch for crimping and make sure the wires are even.

for terminal blocks, strip about 1 inch depending on the size of the block. put the wire so that you have the shortest length of unsheathed wire going to each terminal.

use a proper punch down tool NOT a screwdriver.

  bobbybowls 12:37 19 Dec 2008

ps make sure the cable is not kinked or squashed with staples, cable ties etc. try to avoid sources of interference. power/tv cables, electrical appliances etc.

  ricvic 16:13 19 Dec 2008

Thanks for your help & advice. I've dispensed with the wall plate and fitted a plug to check the quality of the cable run and all is ok. It must be my wiring into the wall plate.

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