Slow mouse and mis-behaving monitor

  Allan RISC OS user 17:24 21 May 2006

I have an Acer AL 1716 monitor, it was purchased on 30 January 2006, and appears to have been working correctly until about 2 weeks ago.

Now after the computer has booted with the screen switched the screen goes black, and then the ACER logo appears on screen and the picture re appears and all my be OK, however, some times the above occurs and the green light on the switch goes off and flashes 3 times and then comes back on again and the ACER logo will appear and the picture re appears, this can happen again and again, or for most of the time the screen will give no further problems. The power supply to the computer does not fail at the same time and the computer does not reboot, but carries on as if nothing has happened, no loss of data.

I have looked at the configuration of the power options in the Control Panel and have ensured they a all set to “never” so the computer should not be attempting to switch off the monitor or go into hibernation or standby.

I have connected the monitor to my trust Acorn RISCPC and the screen does not give any problems, I have now re connected to the Windows PC and find that the problem still occurs, and the computer now appears to be freezing for a few second, ie on clicing to close a window it does not happen and or the mouse will not move or is very slow, then for no reason the mouse is up to speed again.

I have run the Windows Task Manager but cannot see any programme hogging the CPU, which shows a usage of about 0% to 5% but at times this will increase to 100% with no extra programmes running, also sometimes no programmes running. System Idle Process shows between 97% to 99% free processor capacity

Any ideas what is happening, help, please!

AMD PC, 1 GB of RAM , Windows XP home service pack2 plus usual Windows updates (downloaded from MS) 160GB hard drives x 2

  Cogent1 17:47 21 May 2006

Have you tried reloading the video driver or updating it from the Acer website?

Does the fault occur if you start the PC in safe mode?

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