Slow loading of internet explorer

  Richmond34 16:44 15 Jul 2004

I am running windows XP pro on a new PC (2.8GHz 512MB RAM) attached to the internet via LAN to a router and firewall and ADSL connection. When I first staretd using it it was lightnening fast compared to my old PC. Now, a month later, it takes between 5 and 10 seconds to load internet explorer before I start browsing the web. Any ideas what can have happened?

I have set IE6 to load a blank page on startup, so it is definitely a problem local to my machine. It is just as slow loading it as the first program I open after booting up, as when I try to open it later after several hours PC use. I do not save history - I regularly clean up my cookies and temp files. I run Adaware regularly too. I have tried deleting all the favourites I created - had no effect. I have increased the virtual memory to 500MB - no effect.

Any ideas whay it shoudl have slowed and what I could do?

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