Slow Laptop--what else can I do??

  grizzlybear17 19:00 18 Nov 2008

Hi! i am running a comparatively old laptop--HP compaq nx9005 with AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 1.05Ghz 44MB of RAM.but a trusty beast....
13.5GB of USED SPACE on Hard Drive with 23.7GB of space FREE. i am running XP Home version 2002 with SP 3 installed and all Windows updates to date.
Running Spyware Doctor (up to date--deep clean weekly!)and use CrapCleaner weekly plus use CCleaner to check registry issues weekly also.
Its gone SLOW!! slow to bring up Explorer, and slower to open favourite programmes.. virtual memory set at 672 initial and 1024 max.
What else would anyone recommend,please....?
I am not a computer techie, but know more than most 63yr old grandads-i think! bu this stumps me?

  tullie 19:05 18 Nov 2008

Extra memory?

  Ashrich 19:06 18 Nov 2008

Can you just clarify how much ram is there ? The Athlon XP 2400+ should be running at 2ghz NOT 1.05


  grizzlybear17 11:00 19 Nov 2008

to clarify how much ram i re-looked this morning and can confirm we have "mobile AMD Athlon 2400XP+
and STRANGELY 643MHz,and 448MB of RAM.
Definitely last night it was 1.05Ghz????
Whats going on???
Any pointers gratefully taken...tks in adv.
bill the grizzlybear17

  AL47 11:28 19 Nov 2008

probably have speed step

my dual core laptop has a 2.33ghz processor
sometimes it reads
or less to save battery power

  grizzlybear17 14:02 19 Nov 2008

So Guys given the info above--anyone got a bright idea or three that will speed her up a bit
700 phots in My Pictures slowing it down or not?-can easily dump them across to a dongle thingy??
Still drowning--not waving

  Audio~~Chip 14:38 19 Nov 2008

any Internet security or virus software just tools for registry and ccleaner.

So upgrade to min of 1GB or 2GB, remove the programes you do not use, try and cut down the number of applett icons on the bottom right if possible by going into their settings.

  pompyx 15:12 19 Nov 2008

You are showing 448 mb of Ram plus the Laptop has 64 mb shared with the Video giving you 512 mb.
Your laptop according to the Manual will take a total of IGb. It can only help I think to install another 512Mb.

  grizzlybear17 17:33 19 Nov 2008

I have PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus--fully updated and showing clean system--thanks for all help so far....will be working on it tonite...

  Ashrich 23:14 19 Nov 2008

AMD power now is kicking in , although the XP-M 2400 processor has a clock speed initially of 1.8ghz , at 1.05 it will feel like a snail trying to run XP ( with whatever service packs installed ) and under 512 mb of ram . Try going in to the power options in Control Panel and changing the power settings to " Always on " instead of mobile/laptop , and see if the processor reports at 1.8ghz , and keep it plugged in the mains , then try the same unplugged , see if it is the same .


  grizzlybear17 16:53 20 Nov 2008

hi ashrich and thanks for the pointer re "Always On"---however when I change to "Always On" Manager states this is not possible to set and indicates that" 2 revision levels are incompatible" and will not apply the change???
any pointers ---please..???????

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