slow laptop

  zism 13:19 15 Sep 2008


my laptop,which is only 18 months old, is very slow. I regularly run CCleaner, disk clean up, defragment, CW Shredder and anti spyware/anti virus,with PC Guard, is run daily. I am no PC expert but it is driving me mad!

I have Vista Home Premium, 1GB RAM and 87.2GB (of 139GB) free hard disk space.

ANy help would be very welcome

thanks :)

  brundle 13:28 15 Sep 2008

Easiest way to improve performance would be to get another 1GB of here
Ditch PCGuard too and use one of the much better freebies available. click here
There are no published figures for the efficacy of PCGuard as far as I am aware and I've seen Avast clean up a system `protected` by PCGuard, which couldn't clear what it had picked up, and missed other stuff anyway.

AVG already has anti-spyware and safe-search features, adding antispyware product such as Superantispyware is not a bad idea too. Don't install more than one AV at a time. All available from the second link. You may find this interesting reading too; click here

  User-1229748 13:30 15 Sep 2008

pc guard could be the problem,but i think it can be awkward to get rid of.

  User-1229748 13:31 15 Sep 2008

too quick for me brundle :-)

  zism 15:30 15 Sep 2008


thanks for this. have tried to download Avast via the seond link but athough it says is a freeware in asking for payment! di you have a linlk that will not ask for payment?


  brundle 16:09 15 Sep 2008

It's never asked me for payment, are you sure you're clicking the right link? Or download direct from Alwil ; click here

  zism 19:47 16 Sep 2008

have managed to install looks like have sucessfully run it! Also managed to remove PC Guard. does this mean I am now covered for anti virus/malware/adware etc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:50 16 Sep 2008

AVAST is antivirus
use Superantispyware and SpywareBlater for protection against malware

  zism 20:12 16 Sep 2008

it's early days but so far so good, things appear to be faster! how often should I run each of these programs?

  ArnasJ 10:28 17 Sep 2008

Once a week at least. Also, try Ad-Aware click here
AND, I suggest buying an additional GB of RAM click here as you're running on VISTA.

  zism 17:42 17 Sep 2008

ok, have installed Ad-Aware butit wont let me scan as it says the scanner is busy!! should I just get the 1GB of RAM and is it easy to install?!!
thanks :)

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