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  User-D5390C4E-4227-4FF3-B80F5A0BD992009C 19:26 14 Apr 2007

Recently, my internet connection on my desktop has been really slow, taking up to a minute to load a page. I'm using IE7 with Win XP Pro. I use a Orange Livebox wireless router.

My desktop is connected directly to the Livebox using an ethernet cable, but my laptop and Nintendo Wii are connected wirelessly. Neither the laptop or the Wii experience any problems.

I've looked at previous Helpdesk responses, I've defragged using IOBit, I've used Spybot to identify and remove spyware and I've done a full virus check using NOD 32, my AV programme. It's still running slowly. No other programmes seem to have this problem - Word is fine. I don't recall loading anything recently that could cause the problem (although I don't know if the children have).

Any suggestions?


  p;3 19:49 14 Apr 2007

have you emptied your temp internet files folder recently? and for how long have you been using the IE7?

Hi p;3,

I tend to empty my temp folder regularly - no longer than a couple of days. I've been running IE7 for a few months with no problems until now.

Again, there's no problem with the wireless connection to my laptop or Wii - I suspect there's something on the desktop (Dell Dimension 9150)

  p;3 21:09 14 Apr 2007

try running these three programs and see what they find?

click here

click here

click here


fully update each and run full deep scans ; a2 may give false possitives so let us know if you are worried about ITs results?

  woodchip 21:19 14 Apr 2007

I suggest you try a different Browser, Try this what I have used for years click here

  provider 2 21:24 14 Apr 2007

Cashe size setting? click here

  provider 2 21:28 14 Apr 2007

Oops. cashe - cache

Hi y'all,

Thanks for your input. I downloaded A2 and it found loads of spyware and other stuff - more than Spybot. I got rid of most of it - it allows you to see what it is you are deleting, just in case. Cache is about 250 MB. Desktop is running fine now.

I used to use Netscape at work some years ago and tried Firefox, but I'm used to IE!

  p;3 20:14 15 Apr 2007

what have you left behind in a2 scan?

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