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  Bathsheba 16:38 08 Jan 2010

I bought a new pc in July with plenty of memory and hard disk space and my internet connection has been very fast. However, for the last two days my internet connection has become very very slow. I have also been unable to install windows updates (keep getting an error message) and have also been unable to sign-in to MSN messenger or download new version (due to it not having a 'digital signature').
I called BT Broadband today and they have confirmed that there are no problems on the line.

I am able to connect to the internet, but it takes bout 5 mins for IE to open and then it's just as slow to open new pages. Normally it takes one second.

I'm convinced that there's something on my pc that it is slowing it down, but not not sure what to check. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions as to what might be slowing it down?

My PC is an Acer. I have Windows Vista (unfortunately) and I use Nortons Security.

  RobCharles1981 16:48 08 Jan 2010


Bt will tell you any Rubbish don't listen to them.

Idealy can you post your line stats from your BT Hub if you can?

Home Hub There is a page within the router GUI that displays the line stats. Click the link below.

click here.

Alternatively, click the link below:

click here

Click on Broadband Connection on the left of the main screen, choose DSL Connection and finally choose Details at the top right of the page.

  MAJ 16:53 08 Jan 2010

Personally, I would get rid of Norton for a start, and replace it with Avast or AVG, but that's just me.

Have you tried a System Restore (not a factory restore)?

Have you tried resetting your router?

Have you tried running MBAM click here ?

  Bathsheba 17:28 08 Jan 2010

I managed to get the second link to work and I had to login with my hub admin password. This brought up my BT Home HUb page. THere is no link on the left called Broadband Connection.Itonly gives me the option to disconnect or activate on the fora right as follows:

Broadband Connected Disconnect

Broadband user name [email protected]
BT Broadband Talk No account activated on your BT Home Hub Activate Service

BT FON Not active on your BT Home Hub Activate Service

BT Power Save Not enabled Configure

BT Access Control Not enabled Configure

  Bathsheba 17:33 08 Jan 2010

I've paid for Norton's so would rather keep this until I need to renew - why would this suddenly be causing the problem? I like it because it has everyhting in one package rather than having to install separate firewall, anti virus etc.

I haven't tried a system restore - how do I do this? Does it wipe everything off my computer that I've installed or created?

I have restarted my hub and unplugged and restarted my pc, but haven't pressed the reset/default button as wasn't sure what that would do?

What is MBAM?

  RobCharles1981 19:39 08 Jan 2010


That should be the right instructions on how to obtain your line stats.

With Reference to Norton, it has a History of slowing down computers with huge amount of resource hogs its basically a killer. So you have wasted your money in that department.

Go for the freebies they work just as well.

What is MBAM? - Its Malwayre Byets Antimalware.

  Bathsheba 19:52 08 Jan 2010

I still can't find anything about line stats or DSL - I've looked under every tab and even in the A-Z list of items with no joy.But then I'm not really sure what I'm loking for.

I've also tried to install the Windows update again in the 4 different ways suggested on the websie - download, stand alone, readiness tool & disabling Nortons but each time I still get the same error message.

I've also tried disabling Nortons while downloading MSN (& running stand alone) and I still get the 'does not have a digital signature' message which I find strange if Nortons isn't running.

Apart from a general go-slow on the internet I've also had problems logging into Ebay - I can access the site ok and look at items but when I try to login or look at my account, it just comes up with 'page not found' even though it recognises me on the site as an sutomatic sign-in. I've never known anything like this happen before. I've been signing into ebay regularly for about 5 years.

I've had Nortons installed since I bought the pc 6 months ago, and haven't had a single problem until yesterday. If Norton is disabled, should I still be getting these promblems?

Is it worth calling Acer?

Is there anything I can run on pc to show if there are any problems?

  User-1229748 20:14 08 Jan 2010

did you run malwarebytes from maj link ? if so try superantispyware free click here

  Bathsheba 14:01 11 Jan 2010

I ran both of these and my system wouldn't restart afterwards. I had to call PC World and they tried to restart it over the phone but the error code (begins with OX)means that they will probably have to send the machine away for repair. Someone is coming out on Thursday to have a look. Luckily it's still under warranty.

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