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  Joeyace 10:05 15 Nov 2004

My friend has an amd athlon 64, 3000. 1 gig of ddr ram, and an ATI radeon 9200 se 128 bit.Much the same setup as I have except he is starting to become an avid gamer.Some friend of his gave him (Rome Total War),which he installed in his pc, but he is now complaining that the cursor is quite slow in the actual game and moves in kind of "steps".The game in whole seems slow compared to what he has seen in other friends houses.Could it be the fault of the graphics card? Thankyou.

  Smegs 10:38 15 Nov 2004

Not saying this is the answer. Have a look in the Games settings, to see if you can speed the game up.

  Joeyace 11:10 15 Nov 2004

Nope, tampering with the game settings did not have any effect at all.

  Xevious 11:25 15 Nov 2004

turn game resolutions down.

or upgrade direct X version.

or install lates graphic drivers, downloadable from click here

  Joeyace 11:47 15 Nov 2004

I have turned the battle map & the strategy map down to minimum resolution,but to no avail.

  Xevious 11:54 15 Nov 2004

or upgrade direct X version.

or install lates graphic drivers

  alan227 11:57 15 Nov 2004

The 9200 is in my opinion a crap card for playing games on.
He has a good specification machine then strangles it with a graphics card like that.
He needs to get a better card.

  Joeyace 12:10 15 Nov 2004

Is there anybody else out there that shares alan227's opinion, if so please write up and share your comments.If i find a majority of people with the same opinion's as alan227's, I will not waste anybody else's time and convince my friend to dish the existing card, and purchase a better one.Any ATI g/c recomendations? Thankyou.

  citadel 20:43 15 Nov 2004

If you are into games a gforce 6800 will show massive increase in games performance on a 9200.

  BITS&BOBS 21:15 15 Nov 2004

Absolutely 100%!!!!!!!!!! that card is proberly the worst on the market, it really is that slow.
You friend would really benefit with an upgrade, depending on how much he wants to spend his sytem has the making of a great gaming machine,

ATI 9600/9800 or n'vida FX 5700/5900 £60-£135

or even better:

ATI X800 256MB or GFORCE 6800 256MB !!! £250-£375

I have a PNY 6800 GT 256MB DDR3 £279inc vat card with a AMD 2500+ Barton and 1GB PC2700 RAM and hit 10,000+ 3DMark03.

In your friends set up that card would be hitting 11,500+ and would run anything he throws at it fora good couple of years, this generation of cards really has offered over a 100% performance increase after the last and will be a little while before anything 100% better arrives.

Having said that if 3D gaming worlds are not really a desire your friend good quite easaily be playing high resolution great games for £60 with a ATI 9550/9600 or FX 5500/5600/5700.

click here

click here click here

  BITS&BOBS 21:23 15 Nov 2004

First you need to know whether he wants to play serious 3D games and does'nt mind spending a few quid.

If so he needs to be aiming at the ATI X800 or Nivda 6800 series any of which are great with the X800XT AND 6800 Ultra being the top end.

If that price range is out of his reach the ATI 9800 series has ruled the roost for a couple of years now with the 9800Pro XT 256bit versions being the more powerful also the n'vida FX5900 series offering great performance.

If he wants to keep it under £100 I'd look at the Sapphire 9800 128mb card on the link above @ buyer its 8 pixel piplines offer alomost double the performance of the ATI 9600XT.

If he really wants to keep it lower i'd look at the 9600Pro or FX5600 which will run fine @ 800x600 and med/low settings.

Unless they are going for the fx5900 or ati 9800 or above dont touch the 256mb cards as the cards below this only have 4 pixel piplines so the 256mb never gets to come into play and you would be better off putting that money towards a 8 pixel pipline card that can fill the screen with whats stored in the memory.

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