Slow Google Chrome

  spuds 14:14 13 Feb 2012

In say Internet Explorer there is a cache removal procedure, that might help to resolve a slowness of that browser.

Is there one for Google Chrome, because I seem to have a slowness problem, and I cannot find a way to resolve this.

Would mention, that Firefox is not involved, so it's possibly not a computer problem. I use CCleaner and a couple of other programs for the usual maintenance.

  Zak 14:21 13 Feb 2012
  Woolwell 14:32 13 Feb 2012

What extensions do you have installed? You could try disabling them one by one or all of them and gradually add to see if that cures your speed problem. If Firefox is ok then it points to a problem with Chrome.

  Batch 15:46 13 Feb 2012

To Clear Chrome History:

Start Chrome


Once "Clear Browsing Data" dialogue box opens, change drop down to "the beginning of time"

Tick all boxes.

Hit Clear Browsing Data button.

Job done!

  spuds 18:32 13 Feb 2012

Thanks everyone for the help. Just had a bit of a clear out following the instructions give. So its a case of wait and see, if any improvements have been made.

Woolwell: Apparently there are only two extensions - Avast WebRep and Site Advisor. I have left them on, but cannot recall ever loading them, but more likely that I had forgotten about them!.

  Woolwell 18:44 13 Feb 2012

Try disabling site advisor and see what happens. Both Avast (Should be part of Avast Anti-virus)and site advisor do a similar job.

  spuds 11:31 14 Feb 2012

Perhaps as a final comment, I have done a little experimenting, and the problem might have been with Site Advisor. At present it as been taken out of service, and Google Chrome now seems much faster.

Thanks to those offering advice, was much appreciated.

  Woolwell 11:50 14 Feb 2012

I read on a few forums about problems with Site Advisor but mostly about crashing Chrome.

  spuds 12:04 14 Feb 2012

I hadn't bothered to do a search, perhaps I should have done. Since I have 'un-ticked' Site Advisor, Chrome seems to be working much better.

The way Chrome was acting up, I thought that there might have been times when the system would have crashed or 'Not Responding'. But it didn't go that far?.

Seems another one of those mysteries in life, because I get the impression that Site Advisor as been an extension to Chrome for some time now, on my system!.

  spuds 11:40 15 Feb 2012

The problem appears to have returned, and as I use Chrome mainly for the PCA website, I am beginning to wonder if the problem lies there?.

A typical example this morning, was the amount of 'work or connections' that seems to occur, while waiting for pages to open. On a few occasions there have been delays due to 'Resolving Proxy', then Google etc etc?.

It would appear that I will need to do further experimenting. Thought that those interested might like to have the latest update!.

I had a similar problem using Internet Explorer (latest and previous version) on this website, and I put that down to IE, as other problem reports about IE were being aired. Chrome seemed the most stable on this website, so I commenced using that on the PCA website. So another rethink perhaps!.

  Batch 11:56 15 Feb 2012

Although you maybe moving away from the idea of Site Advisor (SA) being the cause, you might like to consider an alternative for use with Chrome. I use an extension to Chrome called WOT (Web Of Trust). Seems to do the job, but have to say at times it does give widely differing results from SA. Who knows which is more correct!

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