Slow to Go!!

  kidda123 10:40 18 Feb 2009

Hi All,

I have a very strange problem with a laptop I have borrowed from my Brother.

He never had any issues with it although I felt he never had enough Virus protection.

So as soon as I have got it I have installed McAfee and my own belkin wireless adaptor.... Thats It!

But now it takes at least 10 mins for the damn thing to fully start and I cannot connect to the internet.

The laptop boot and loads the desktop minus any start bar or Icons, then after a few mins the windows start tune plays. The Icons and start bar come up after another 8 mins or so.

I can access task manager in the time it is doing nothing and for the first 5 or so minutes it shows only 15 processes, non of which are system or user processes (using about 89mb of mem), then after a few more minutes the McAfee stuff pops up and it goes to about 24 processes and uses about 125mb of Ram. Then it finally starts fully with all user and system processes and has about 38 processes.

Very strange, don't you think?

I have looked at other posts and done all the CCleaner bit, cleaned all junk and anti-virus check and to be honest the computer works fine once it has decided to fully boot up.

Any help would be great.



  brundle 10:54 18 Feb 2009

Not suggesting that Mcafee is the entire root of the problem, but it's the last of the truly resource-sapping antivirus suites now that Norton have woken up and improved their own product.
Ditch Mcafee for..well...almost anything else really. The only paid-for AV I would consider is Kaspersky or NOD32, Avast or Antivir for freebies.

Need some details of your new system, processor, memory etc. Without that nobody can tell you what to expect from it.

  Terry Brown 10:59 18 Feb 2009

At a guess, I would say MCafee is interferring with the current firewall/ Virus software.

They could be trying to block each other, using the same memory locations or just causing a general conflict.

Try removing MCafee.

Try disconnecting the Belkin (no Internet) and see if that makes a difference, it could be the modem/ router software your brother used needs to be removed.

  kidda123 12:09 18 Feb 2009

I think I have sorted the internet problem, something to do with TCP/IP. Which I have fixed through microsoft.

I agree that McAfee is a bit demanding of resources but Norton used to be much worse. I have a paid 3 user subscription until sept hence the reason for install.

I have just installed all updates and it booted up within 3 minutes so all round a lot better.

The laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro with a pentium M (1.7ghz) and 1.5gb Ram.


  tullie 12:14 18 Feb 2009

You are running only one antivirus application?

  kidda123 12:18 18 Feb 2009

Yes, nothing else.

I think it may have been a number of issues including the TCP/IP problem. God knows how I did it but I think I got it in a right state!!

It seems a lot better know.

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