Slow FPS on 40"TV - 9600GT

  maestrode 19:01 07 Jul 2008

First things first, my specs...
XpertVision 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT SONIC
Intel Core 2 Duo E7200
2GB DDR2 PC-6400 800 MHZ

Ok so i'm connected to my 40" Samsung HD ready TV through a HDMI-HDMI cable. I have only ran two games so far... World of Warcraft and Race Driver: GRID.
World of Warcraft on the highest settings i'm getting very poor FPS, as little as 15FPS which is obviously unplayable. On GRID, even on the lowest possible settings the game is completely unplayable. A friend of mine seems to think this is down to the size of TV . There must be some setting that can solve this problem, or possibly a driver problem.

Does anybody have any ideas? Let me know if you need any more info. :) Thanks

  citadel 19:37 07 Jul 2008

probably the resolution of the tv, the higher it is the more work the 9600gt card has to do. this may be a case where sli may be useful, add another 9600gt and they can share the load.
you would need to have a sli capable motherboard.

  [email protected] 20:00 07 Jul 2008

yup, 1 gb vram will struggle, 40"!!!!

  [email protected] 20:02 07 Jul 2008

and it's only a '6 card an '8 would be a lot better for any gaming.

  Ditch999 20:16 07 Jul 2008

Are these both online games? If so then its more than likely your internet connection. To high a ping count. You could try and lower the effects in the games but a 9600GT should not have any problem with WOW.

  maestrode 20:29 07 Jul 2008

Thanks for the replies! :) Think it's clear that my card isn't powerful enough. Maybe it would be more worthwhile getting one of those 22" widescreen monitors that i've seen for under £150 if I do a bit more gaming. Probably cost less than another card and a new motherboard. What you think? I can live with 22" :)

  carver 21:02 07 Jul 2008

You will still struggle with that card on a 22" monitor because the resolution for a monitor of that size will be 1680x 1050 compared to the 1366x 768 on a 40" LCD.

So you could finish up worse off, suggestion, get a better card.

Read here click here
you might be better with SLI as citadel has said.

  mrwoowoo 21:47 07 Jul 2008

You don't have to run a 22" inch monitor at it's native resolution for gaming.Everyone lowers the resolution etc when their gpu struggles at maximum settings.
You will of course not get quite as good an image,but nothing to fret about.
Framerate wise you will do better with a 22" monitor rather than a 40" tv,as more than resolution comes into play,such as refresh rate, when a tv is involved.
Borrow a monitor(just for a quick try) from a friend, and see if you can play WOW on high settings.I think you may be surprised.

  Ditch999 23:05 07 Jul 2008

My son plays WOW on his laptop which has a 17" screen at 1440 x 900 resolution with a 8600GT with no problem and all the settings turned up, so I think a 9600GT in a desktop should have no problem. Just turn some of the settings down a bit.
Re refresh rates of a TV: they are usually 50hz compared to 60hz of a laptop/lcd. I know you can now buy 100hz lcd TVs but I dont think maestrode has one (you can correct me if I'm wrong) and as carver says the resolution a a 22" LCD monitor will be more than his TV therefore making the problem worse.

  Ditch999 23:20 07 Jul 2008

That card will play Crysis and Call of Duty 4 at 1600 x 1200 click here

  nosharpe 23:30 07 Jul 2008

You're perhaps foregetting that you are using a TV!
What model TV do you have?

It's quite possible that the TV's refresh rate can't cope with the speed of the graphics card.
Most monitors have a refresh rate of 5m/s or faster whereas TV's tend not to advertise this specification because the refresh rate is really bad.

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