Bonzy 13:13 14 Jun 2006

Hello there. I've been trying mail some photos on my yahoo mail account. After writing the mail message, I browsed and selected 4 photographs on my attached memory stick and klicked ATTACH so there appeared a progress indicator which said "Attaching files. Wait.......". The attaching process went on for over 2 hrs, but never got attached so I stopped it and pulled out the memory stick. Now, what's going on? Could my memory stick faulty or something? Or is it the pc playing up? Please help, the atachment time is too long.

  Jackcoms 14:06 14 Jun 2006

What size are the files you are trying to attach?

  Bonzy 17:23 14 Jun 2006

Photo file 1......754KB
Photo file 2......493KB
Photo file 3......1.04MB
Photo file 4......528KB

  Jackcoms 19:04 14 Jun 2006

OK, not exactly huge files.

Can you copy the files from the memory stick to a folder on the PC and then see if they still take a long time to attach?

Equally, try attaching a small Word file, for example, from the stick.

It seems to me that if you can quickly attach photos from the PC and/or if it takes ages to attach a Word file from the stick, then it's time to buy a new stick.

  Bonzy 16:38 19 Jun 2006

Thanks, Jackcoms. Indeed I copied all the photo files to a subfolder under the "My documents" folder and tried attaching them to my yahoo message, one at a time. They all got attached within a reasonable time. I then tried doing the same ting again, but this time I failed. The attempt to attach the photo files went on forever, even the very first file. When I selected a file and clicked "Attach", the progress indicator came up and a message, "Attaching files.................Wait while..............." came up too. This remained on screen forever, then I had to stop it. Funny thing is at some stage "Done" was displayed at the button left hand corner of the screen but the progress indicator remained active showing that the attachment was still in progress! Anymore ideas and suggestions to make attachment happen again? I'm running WinXP Pro on a P4 hp compaq pc which is on a large enterprise network. Tanks in advance.

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