slow dvd copying

  Kingfisher 18:00 23 Jul 2005

Have been having problems with slow dvd copying I have read in a recent forum that optical drives should be set to master and not cable select, if I do this will it present me with any problems. PC config is win xp home edition sp2 Intel pentium 4 processor 3.4ghz 1 gig ram two 80 gig hard drives one dvd rom drive and one dvd rewriter drive I have latest bios and firmware, dma enabled,have tried different copying software, but decrypting read/ write is only 1 times speed so should it be cable select or master
Many thanks

  Completealias 18:30 23 Jul 2005

Ok I have alway setup a system as follows hard drives on the primary IDE channel with the drive with windows installed on set as master and the backup hard drive set as slave.

Optical drives always on the secondary IDE chanel with the writer set as master and the rom drive as slave.

Hope that helps.

What software are you using? what drives are they? and what media are you using?

  Kingfisher 19:59 23 Jul 2005

Just bought two of the latest drives both manufatured in May 2005 the dvd rom is LG HL-DT-St GDR 8163B
The writer IS NEC GSA 4163B there does not appear to be any firmware upddates as they are quite new, Software I tried 1clickdvdcopy which performed ver badly errors etc. I am currently using Clone DVD 2 which has its own decryptor. this appears to be better but still slow.
If I use a program called dvdecryptor it will only read at 1 times speed wher as the same software on my brothers lesser spec pc reads at up to 4 times. The media i am using is Verbatim 8 times speed. Thanks for the tips about setting up the drives I will give it a try

  Completealias 21:49 23 Jul 2005

You could try downloading the nero cd/dvd drive speed ultility from click here this will check the speeds your drives are reading at

  Completealias 21:51 23 Jul 2005

I use dvdxcopy which i have had very good results with. Blankdiscshop click here do an OEM copy with the ripper for just under 7 quid ther delievery is 1.99

  ACOLYTE 22:05 23 Jul 2005

Copying DVDs seems to be different for different setups and different drives mine is a 16X copy speed and 8X disks but i have set it to auto and let the software select the speeds and it can take 2 hours too copy a DVD film,but when its done its a perfect copy so i don't mind waiting the extra time.yet some people can copy a DVD in 15 minutes,for me I'm not so bothered as long as it works.For best results make the DVD drive secondary master and enable DMA and make sure that it is not running in PIO mode,and that the hard drive can keep a constant spped to the DVD drive.

  User-312386 22:54 23 Jul 2005

how long does it take to copy a 4.7gb disc?

What i do is burn the image to HDD and then to disc.

I would never copy "on the fly"

Clone dvd2 is a good programme, but i would burn an image to HDD first then use nero to burn the image.

My Burn rate is approx 13 mins at 4X speed and at 8x it takes about 9 mins

  ACOLYTE 01:01 24 Jul 2005

My copy is slow compared to most 60 min to burn a dvd but my software checks the video/audio quality before it burns that take 20 mins and if it finds errors it dont burn saves me the coasters,lol.

  Kingfisher 14:48 24 Jul 2005

an answer to madboy33. Before I was using clone dvd 2 I was using 1click copydvd and I had to use a seperate decryptor which was called (dvdecryptor). This decryptor use to talk one and a half hours to decrypt it to the hard drive at a speed of only 1 time speed. and using 100% processor power, then copying from the hard drive to a blank dvd took about 1 and a half hours as well. But since I have started using clone dvd2 with its own decryptor the whole thing takes one and half hours to decrypt and copy to blank media.
I have been using my dvd rom drive to do the decrytping so should I set this drive to master and rewriter to slave, or still have the rewriter drive as master?. both drives have dma enabled as ultra mode 2 what ever that is.Thankyou all for your replies.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:58 24 Jul 2005

have you tryed dvd shrink 3.2 to copy and nero to burn it only take me 20 minutes on my p4 2.6ghz with 512mb ram which I only use for backing up dvd`s i have found that its a mix and match thing for different pc`s to find the right software

  SEASHANTY 20:16 24 Jul 2005

Haven't used any of these but I give you the link for what its worth
click here

That's a pretty unusual NEC drive you have listed.

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