Slow DSL :(

  son-of-a-gun 23:04 22 Oct 2008

Because of prior poor download speeds I changed my ISP, the download speed is advertised at 8Mbs which I didn’t and don’t for one minute expect to get. From BT here click here my post code indicates I should get 5Mbs down. I felt even that that was kind of optimistic, and got during the first week or so, a more modest but not unacceptable 3.05 Mbs

Over a period of three months since I signed up the download speeds have now dropped to an average throughout the day of 1.21 Mbs which I think is poo

I complained to the ISP on the 2 October 08 they have suggested I carry out all future testing from the engineers part of the master incoming telephone socket, this is where I was connected to, before carrying out the results of the tests to them OMG!!

They got back to me saying I had an unstable connection which was causing the training robot at BT to slow my connection down BTW at this time I was well below 1Kbs (1Mbs down) After questioning they told me I’d lost the connection between 100 & 200 times a week in one week alone, if this was the case, then I had never noticed it, and I’m damned sure that I would. Is this a familiar story with DSL?
Furthermore the supplier (Plusnet) have told me to leave the Modem router turned on for a minimum of 3 X 24 hour days after which time the download speeds will improve, they’ve also advised in future, never turn off the router.

Any relevant feeback would be most welcome.

  Technotiger 23:09 22 Oct 2008

Get yourself a BT i-Plate and see your speeds increase dramatically ... One of these improved my speeds three-fold.

click here

  Technotiger 23:10 22 Oct 2008

Never turn off the router is correct - mine is on 24/7.

  setecio 23:12 22 Oct 2008

Yes it is possible that is happening.

I'd advise registering here and asking, they are very helpful and knowledable if you stick with solving it.

click here

  son-of-a-gun 23:28 22 Oct 2008

Thanx guys

Technotiger I spoke with the ISP about fitting an BT i-Plate.

They tell me one of these gadgets will only make a difference if theres a difference between the normal connection, compared to the engineers test socket.

IMHO with mine, unfortunately there isn't :(

Their 3 X 24 Hrs router up time, is complete during the early hours of the morning, so I guess ATM I'm going to have to wait until them.

I've got to be honest tho, I've never heard of leaving the M/router on 24/7

Thanx again all for the tips :-)

  woodchip 23:54 22 Oct 2008

If it a Max connection it should be left on, only turn it off if it looks like storms

  Technotiger 09:02 23 Oct 2008

If your router is on an extension from the main BT socket, I still think that if your main BT socket is as shown in my link above, then a BT iPlate would make a difference no matter what the engineer said.

For the small outlay, I would give it a go.

  Salut 10:02 23 Oct 2008

IMHO the BT iPlate is not the utopian device we have all been searching for.

Since moving house I have gone from a 4.0mbs connection to a variable 0.3/0.7mbs. I have gone down the usual route of wasting time and money trying to get Orange helpline to respond. Ended up writing, together with printouts of the connection speeds currently available. BT line test suggests I can get 2.0mbps-some dream.

So I bought an iPlate. In spite of all others experience, I still only get 0.5mbs...

In the meantime I am still waiting for Orange to respond to my letter sent three weeks ago.

  Technotiger 10:09 23 Oct 2008

Hi, does your router set-up comply with the requirements of the iPlate? It is especially intended for use, where the Main Socket Plate is of a certain type and that the Router is connected via a extension cable.

The iPlate certainly made an immediate and excellent difference for me.

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