Slow download speed with Orange

  simonbrdl 20:33 30 Aug 2011

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me solve a problem!! Basically my internet download speed is ssooo slow (150-200kbps). My ISP is orange and i am on the home max package (upto 8Meg). I have tried to speak to orange and all checks at their end and mine have been fine. My question is the attainable download rate?? Im guessing this is the maximum download speed i can receive. This is the info from my router homepage..

Noise margin (dB) :16.4 Attenuation (dB) :48.0 Attainable download rate (kbps) :576 ADSL status : Connected [0]

    Downstream  Upstream

Rate (kbps) 448 448

After speaking to orange I know I should be getting about 7.5meg. I live less than a mile from my exchange and have tried a wired connection through the master socket and still get the same results.


  onthelimit1 08:52 31 Aug 2011

At that distance from the exchange, there has to be a problem with the line, either the BT bit or within the house. Try removing the master socket faceplate, and plug the router into the socket revealled. That will eliminate all house wiring. If the speed is still so slow, you'll have to persuade Orange to take it up with BT (you can't report broadband faults directly to BT). They will resist, as they have to pay BT for the search/repairs (I believe).

  onthelimit1 08:54 31 Aug 2011

Just reread your post - by 'through the master socket', did you have the faceplate off? If not, any extension wiring could be having an effect.

  simonbrdl 10:30 31 Aug 2011

I have taken the faceplate off and tried from there and it made no difference. Orange say they have tested from the exchange to my house and can't fault it. Starting to think that they are just saying that for the reasons you said or they are just 'capping' my download speed. Either way they are not exactly helpful so think im gonna be fighting them for a while.

Thanks for the response by the way

  simonbrdl 10:55 31 Aug 2011

Sorry ignore my last post I have just taken the face plate off and used the socket inside. I connected a filter to the socket and then my router and i couldn't connect to the internet at all. So i plugged in to the normal socket and it connects. Now im confused

  onthelimit1 12:15 31 Aug 2011

Yes, so am I! Normally, the master socket front panel plugs into the internal socket and all extension wiring is clipped into the rear of that front panel. Your filter should just plug into the normal looking telephone socket that the front panel plugs into. Try a different filter in case the connections on the one you've used are suspect?

  simonbrdl 19:04 31 Aug 2011

Thanks again for the help i don't have a spare filter so i will get one and try that tomorrow. In the mean time i have plugged my phone into the master socket. My thinking being that this will take the filter out of the equation and i get no dial tone!!! Pretty confused as i assumed as you said that all the extensions for the rest of the house would come from this point yet it all works from different sockets!!! Back to the fantastic Orange Tech Support team..

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