Slow Download Speed

  hawthorn59 10:46 30 Mar 2010


I noticed when downloading a video from Youtube that my download speed started at about 150-160 KB/sec but gradually kept geting slower so by the end it was only 36KB/Sec

Is this normal? I just have a 1MB broadband but its fine in all other respects (though of course it may be slow....I havent experienced any faster so wouldnt be sure!)



  MAT ALAN 11:03 30 Mar 2010

It will much depend on the contention ratio click here
where you are downloading from and what time of day you are doing it...
without upgrading your ISP connection you could just try downloading at diferent times during the day or noght...

  MAT ALAN 11:03 30 Mar 2010


  MAT ALAN 11:13 30 Mar 2010

forgot to mention it will also be governed by the speed and resources of your PC

  hawthorn59 04:42 01 Apr 2010

its a brand new laptop, HP Pavilion dv6, 3 gig ram, AMD Dual Core.

In taskmanager, there are 64 processes. And physical memory says 46%, but i dont know what that means or if its good or bad!

Even at night some of the youtube videos stop and start. Thing is I didnt have that problem with my previous laptop! I still have it, must try them side by side perhaps.


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