slow download speed

  shuggee167 00:16 24 Jun 2004

For several days I have noticed, after I have been on the Internet for a while, web pages take progressively longer to download. Then, last night, as I was downloading the latest version of Zone Alarm, I noticed the transfer speed getting lower as the download progressed. It started off at 2.08KB/Sec and by the time the download was complete, over a period of about two hours, it was 967bytes/sec.

Can anyone tell me what is happening and what i can do about it.


  Diodorus Siculus 00:19 24 Jun 2004

Does your temporary internet files folder need to be emptied or its size increased? This can casue the problem you mention.

  [email protected] 00:25 24 Jun 2004

what speed internet connection do you have?

Try speed tests after being connected for set times to ensure it is not a slow server that is causing problems click here

  shuggee167 00:56 24 Jun 2004

Thanks for the responses. I empty the Temporary Internet Files folder every time I come off the Internet. I'll try increasing the size when I get home (I'm at work just now)

I have a 56K dial up connection. It usually connects me at 52K and that was the case last night.


  shuggee167 19:32 24 Jun 2004

I tried increasing the size of the tempory internet files folder. Sadly, it didn't help. Anyone got any other suggestions.


  JACC 00:06 25 Jun 2004

Try a repair shuggie167
Go into Control Panel
Add Remove Programs
Find Internet explorer, click on it, then from there do the repair .

  shuggee167 00:52 25 Jun 2004

thanks JACC, i'm at work at the moment, i'll try it when i get home.

  shuggee 02:38 25 Jun 2004

JACC, i tried to do what you suggested. when i click on the change/remove button i get a message saying "This program uninstalls Q831167 and restores your previous configuration" i'm not sure whether this is what i want to do so i've left it the way it is. am i doing something wrong. i would be grateful for any further advice on this.


  Diodorus Siculus 02:59 25 Jun 2004

click here for a link for repairing IE.

  shuggee 04:51 25 Jun 2004

thanks Diodorus Siculus. I'm going to bed now so i'll try it tomorrow.

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