Slow Download Samsung Studio3

  Becco 16:45 29 Jan 2010

I have tried to download the software for connecting my Samsung C3050 phone, but every time it freezes up after between 20/35% completed. Is there something wrong with my laptop or is it the software ? it's a biggish program, 80-odd Mb.But I think I have enough space for that.

  GaT7 19:12 29 Jan 2010

Try using another browser to download it.

I just tried with Firefox (FF) click here, & it downloaded in less than a minute. G

  Becco 19:37 29 Jan 2010

Thanks Crossbow. I already use Firefox, but here in rural France my broadband speed is pathetic - 450kbs. Could that be the reason. I know that in civilised area

  Becco 19:39 29 Jan 2010

area you get much higher speeds. I don't mind waiting - but why does it freeze up altogether ?

  RJS13 20:19 29 Jan 2010

you could use download manager such as one from speedbit as that helped me alot and they have a video accelerator aswell which makes viewing youtube a breeze

  GaT7 20:28 29 Jan 2010

As RJS13 says, a download manager might help. Isn't the Speedbit one adware though?

Anyway, I use Orbit Downloader click here at times, which contains no adware or spyware. G

  robin_x 22:08 29 Jan 2010

The Studio software I had for my 1 yr old Samsung SGH-600 (a phone I still love) was awful..

Difficult to use, frequently not connecting, and on occasions I need to install or reinstall it, it stopped MS Office working.

I was very glad when I found I could drag and drop almost everything and treat the phone as an HDD.

(Note: Full Contacts have to be backed up by my phone using Studio.)

I dont bother, I just copy name and number to SIM card as a temporary backup. I am not into swapping vCards.

All my full contacts eventually find their way to my PC, even if I do have to type them in manually again.
Also I find a USB cable much more convenient than buggering around with Bluetooth.

Or take the uSD card out and plug it into my USB adaptor for laptop/PC transfers.

  Becco 08:16 30 Jan 2010

Thanks all of you. With the help of Speedbit I managed to download the software from the Samsung site. But the subsequent 'installation' didn't go well, and the program doesn't seem to be working. Just as well I don't really need it, I just thought it makes sense to copy photos taken on the camera into my computer.
Looks like we both think, Robinofloxley, that Samsung need to come up with something a bit more user-friendly !!

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