slow down in games and sound problems

  dan boy 20:50 14 Nov 2003


ive just made a new pc with the help of a friend. Specs are as follows:

AMD AthlonXP2600+
A7N8X-X motherboard
512mb DDR ram
radeon 9500 standard
Windows XP pro

Firstly the sound in many games is of poor quality. Colin McRae 3, Halo and Unreal Tournament 2003 suffer crackling noises in places. Could you please tell me if there is anyway around this or is it a common problem with the A7N8X-X. (if so, will i have to buy a new soundcard?)

Secondly in Halo 1024x768 there is alot of slowdown, in some places barely playable. Same story in Colin McRae 3 but to a lesser extent. Should my pc be struggling with these games and if not any ideas why it is. Can play Unreal Tournament 2003 and Battlefield 1942 1024x768 with no slowdown whatsoever.

Any ideas will be most gratefull.



  froggg 22:14 14 Nov 2003

halo is a good game,but it's a resouce hog,I have 3.4ghz p4 and fx5900 etc,and I couldnt run it higher than 1024x768.
onboard sound will also slow you down,but check for new drivers-switch off eax

  hugh-265156 22:21 14 Nov 2003

try updating all the drivers for sound,graphics card and motherboard.

update windows also.

halo runs slow on the fastest systems im told.patches to follow in abundance no doubt.

  Mundy 00:43 15 Nov 2003

Well regarding Halo this is a well documented problem with this game. You need a beast to run it at a high resolution. click here for a review by GameSpy which states;
"...But the biggest problem with the graphics -- and the entire game, for that matter -- is that you'll need a pretty powerful PC to run Halo at a steady clip. My main machine is a P2.54 GHz P4 with a GeForce 4 and 1GB of RAM, and I've been running new releases like TRON 2.0, Jedi Academy and Call of Duty at 1024x768 without so much as a stutter -- and that's with all the eye candy cranked up. But even at 800x600 with some of the details turned down, Halo still feels sluggish -- disappointing for a game that looked fantastic and ran fairly well on the Xbox two years ago."

I would suggest you turn the resolution down and possibly tweak some of the graphic settings and away you go... well it worked for me, great game it is too. See this post click here Enjoy. :-)

  dan boy 13:14 15 Nov 2003

yeh thanks for your help, ive gone down to 800x640 and it runs 'average' but updated driver and sound is fine now. Thanks everyone for all your help.


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