Slow dial-up

  Eyepass 20:41 26 Apr 2004

We have a single home computer. A month ago, after 5 years' normal operation, we suddenly couldn't get a connection with our ISP (Freeserve). An engineer fixed that problem - but we are now left with this: Dialling, we get the usual modem noises, then "Checking password", then "Logging on to network" - and have to wait 60 seconds for the connection to complete. It is always 60 seconds. This never used to happen. After "Checking password" we would get through immediately. Anyone any ideas? - Eyepass

  Mikè 20:46 26 Apr 2004

Might be worth checking if you are using the latest number to connect with.

  Agent Smith 20:55 26 Apr 2004

...or if your phone line is OK. I've just spent a couple of hours with my cousin's PC trying to sort a similar problem and then, when all else failed I asked if their phone was OK. It wasn't it was very crackly and often dropped the connection. Their phone line was going through some trees and was a bit chaffed. Most of the time it was good enough for telephony but not for internet connection. Also check to see if BT have put a DACS box on your line to share it with another property.

  Eyepass 20:29 29 Apr 2004

Thanks to Mike and Agent Smith. Your ideas will be kept in mind when future problems arise. As it happens, the solution was found in the Helproom Forum Archive:

>Programs, >Accessories, >Communications, >DialUp Networking. Right-click the icon for the troublesome connection, open "Properties", "Server Types" - and click "Log on to Network" to remove the tick.

(Either ours ticked itself, or the computer repair shop left it ticked!)

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