Slow defrag

  Esso43 08:34 14 May 2005

Tried setting up noprmal Windows defrag over night it got to 20% on a 80gb drive.

So downloaded Diskkeeper as advised on these forums been running that for 30 mins and it has reached 11% (so appears quicker).

Any reason why it should be taking so long?

What can I tweak to make it faster?

Please ask what info you need to answer?

Thanks in advance.

  Indigo 1 08:36 14 May 2005

Which O/S ?

When was the last time you defragged ?

How big is hard drive and how full ?

  Esso43 08:54 14 May 2005

hdd is 80gb as previously mentioned, tis about 70% full. Win xp pro is os.

Months since last defrag, Disk keeper says it is volume fragmantation 22% and data 32%.

  Indigo 1 09:29 14 May 2005

22% fragmentation is a lot, you really need to do it more often, the more often you do it the quicker it gets, mine takes less than 10 mins with 60Gb of data and files.

The first time you run defrag it can take hours but I would expect it to be quicker than yours.

  DieSse 10:10 14 May 2005

A hard drive problem could cause extra slowness - you can download free diagnostics rom the drive manufacturers site.

But Indigo 1 is quite correct - a heavily defragmented drive will take a long time - nevertheless I wouldn't have thought it would take so long unless there was a problem.

  dontnoafing 10:29 14 May 2005

did i imagine it or was there a comment this past week that you can defrag too often ?.

  Esso43 14:50 14 May 2005

Ok thanks.

As a comparater I ran the same diskkeeper on my laptop with a 60gb almost teh same figures and that took about 4 hours.

The otehr system with more ram and faster processer (and HDD I think) Still going at about 25% so i guess there is something wrong with the disk :(

Any suggestions on HDD diagnostics?

  ACOLYTE 17:18 14 May 2005

I use Diskeeper to defrag both my hdd one is 40 gig the other 160 gig and i can do them both at the same time takes about 1/2 minutes to do both and less than a minute to do them seperate but i have the set and forget option enabled so its always defraging,and as said it gets quicker the more you do it.

  DieSse 19:16 14 May 2005

Diagnostics - go to the web site of the HDD mfr.

Seagate - look for Seatools click here

Maxtor - look for PowerMax

Others, just look at their web site, or here for a general pointer to several click here

  Buchan 35 19:55 14 May 2005

You`ve got Windows XP. Start >All programmes>
Accessories>System tools> Disc Cleanup and run it.
When it ends its search click on OK.
That should clear a lot of rubbish from your computer. You may or may not want to Defragment. Go the same route and you`ll find Defrag just after
Disc Cleanup and you then are given the option to
defrag as necessary. Result is a happy Esso43 and a quicker PC

  woodchip 20:05 14 May 2005

This can depend on the Computer. i.e if it's a Laptop it will be restricted by Hard Drive speed. Also if you have lot's of stuff on drive it's going to take time

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