Slow connection with IE7

  ivesy 17:18 25 Feb 2007

Since installing IE7 it's taking AGES to connect to the internet. By ages I mean instead of a few seconds from boot up (with IE6) to about 5 minutes now! Even Yahoo's weather widget takes a while to load now (This used to fire up within a few seonds of booting up)

I have Firefox also installed and that connects with no time delay as normal.

They both worked fine together in the past so I don't think I have a conflict here.

Any ideas why it's taking so long to connect? I'm thinking a setting is wrong on IE7 but I've no idea which one!

  kindly 18:13 25 Feb 2007

I have just uninstalled IE7. It to was doing the same as yours. I even disabled all the add ons but no difference was noticed. From clicking on the explorer icon and actually getting on the web page took 45 seconds. With IE6 it was on within a couple. I just went into add and remove programs and uninstalled it there. The old explorer automatically took over and I never had to do anything to get it back. I liked the clean lines of the new look but the speed was dissapointing. I looked at a few forums but no help was forthcoming.

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  birdface 18:19 25 Feb 2007

Before downloading IE7,Any extra toolbars either had to be deleted or up-dated,Switch of your anti-virus and firewall,Then up-date to IE7.Anti-Virus and Firewall automatically comes back on at boot up,

  ivesy 20:33 25 Feb 2007

Thanks for that. So buteman are you saying uninstall IE7 (revert to IE6) then download it again without my Anti Virus and firewall running?

I'll give it a go and let you know

Thanks again

  anskyber 20:36 25 Feb 2007

The key is to install with AV off, its OK to download with it on, in fact desirable to do so.

  ivesy 20:40 25 Feb 2007

I did download it with it 'on' but buteman was suggesting switching it off while re-installing IE7.

  skidzy 20:47 25 Feb 2007

I think what Anskber is trying to say to you ivesy,is to download IE7 again with the av and firewall enabled.Disconnect from the net and disable the firewall and av,then install IE7.
Once you are happy enable everything again and log back onto the net,IE7 will probably update via MS updates.

Some programs are best installed while not connected to the net...basically do NOT install live.

  ivesy 21:29 25 Feb 2007

Well I've just uninstalled IE7. IE6 as usual got me on the internet within seconds.

Next I turned off the router and disabled the AV and FW. Then I installed IE7.

Once installed (and restarted) the AV and FW were both running so I switched the router on then restarted again.

Unfortunatley with the same results after the restart. Both IE7 and Yahoo widget engine are hanging saying 'connection' while Firefox just sails onto the Web. Eventually they connect.

It's getting a bit infuriating now! lol

  birdface 09:10 26 Feb 2007

Have you set internet explorer as your main default web browser,Tools ,Internet Options,Programs,Make sure You have pressed the button half way down.

  rsturbo 11:05 26 Feb 2007

click here;en-us;928089

  rsturbo 11:07 26 Feb 2007

"click here;en-us;928089"

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