Slow connection on Freeserve

  montyburns 10:40 12 Oct 2003

Have ben having no problems with Freeserve connection for ages, always logging on at 49+Kbps.

Yesterday however, it's started logging on at 26.4Kbps absolute max, and this is without any changes to software settings (well, I installed WindowsXP updates, but after I'd noticed the slow log-ons, restored the system to a previously OK setup)

Is it likely to be Freeserve's prob or mine? I've tried two different dial-up numbers and they're both the same

If it's "my end" where's the best place to start looking?

Any help appreciated!

  slimpickins 11:02 12 Oct 2003

Have you or a neighbour had a new phone line installed? If so BT may have installed a DACS box which splits an existing line in two and results in a maximum speed of 34kbps.

However it's rare to get that, the typical speed is 28.8 and 26 is common.

It is possible that there is some other cause but I run a website where most people use freeserve and they always email me if there is slow down. My advice is to call BT customer services, if their is a DACS box get them to boost the signal which will raise it a little. 28 is now the benchmark for acceptable line.

Also find out the purpose of the other line, if it was a computer connection Oftel guidelines state that BT should not use a DACS box. In fact they are only supposed to use them if there is insuffecient local capacity to install a complete line, that's harder to find out though.

  montyburns 15:09 12 Oct 2003

We've not had any changes, but not sure about the neighbours tho..

Had probs a while back with a dodgy line (a junction box letting water in) which resulted in 9Kbps at best (if you could log on at all) Since that was fixed we've been fine. Don't like the sound of 28/26 or 3 at best. It's way too slow and would make 'netting a pain instead of a pleasure...

  montyburns 09:06 13 Oct 2003

UPDATE - any help appreciated...

Problem has continued so rang BT who checked the line and found a fault. Engineer has just been and found that the line is OK (great, means we have to pay for the call out) and the problem only occurs when the PC is physically connected to the line (so even when the PC is OFF, never mind connected to the 'net, it's causing a problem)

This one is stumping me. Mr BT says it could be a problem caused by a power surge, but we've not had any storms or anything for ages.

One thing I am thinking is this. As mentioned above I put a load of Windows XP updates on on Saturday and the problem started after this, as if there had been some settings changed. But, as soon as the probs started, I "wound back" Windows to a previously OK setting, using system restore. Is there any way this might NOT have set things back? But even so, how can it affect things if it's switched off? Argh!

Could it be a "cooked" modem (it's internal) and thus mean I need a new one?

Any help mightily appreciated !!!

  taffyal 15:53 29 Oct 2003

Don't take BTs word for anything- they triedto blame my P.C., I took it back to the shop & it connected great! After many more Emails & phone calls, they finally told the truth!! Removed a dacs, now everything is fine. Keep pestering B.T.

  montyburns 18:37 29 Oct 2003

Thanks for the advice given - turned out it WAS the modem.

Sorted now - new one installed!

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