Slow computer; not responding; have added RAM - help!

  wildhouse 15:59 18 Jan 2015

I have a 3½ year old Dell Inspiron 620 which has almost slowed to being unusable. I like to have a couple of browsers open as I play Farmville on one and have Facebook open on the other, so know that Adobe Flash can slow it down, but even when I don't have Farmville open I seem to sit staring at the words not responding most of the time. Sometimes Word and Excel work OK, but most of the time, even just opening one of these documents can take several minutes. I regularly run virus checks (I use Avast Free), malware checks (Malwarebytes) and Windows Defender. I clear my cache. I recently upgraded from 4GB to 6GB RAM but it has made no difference. I am running Windows 7 (which I hate)64 bit. Any advice welcome as I am ready to throw the computer away at this stage and can't afford a new one after only a few years.

  wee eddie 16:16 18 Jan 2015

Two AV's are a potential disaster area.

As you have Avast installed, disable Windows Defender, but enable a Firewall.

  wildhouse 16:33 18 Jan 2015

Will give it a go, wee eddie, but not holding out a lot of hope. Firewall always enabled (although frequently Windows likes to tell me it isn't! Personally think the solution would be Windows XP - I never had these problems with that, and it didn't copy all my photos and media poss up to 8 times depositing them in numerous folders!)

  bumpkin 17:48 18 Jan 2015

am running Windows 7 (which I hate)64

So did I to start with, give it a chance, much better than XP but I still use XP for certain things.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 18 Jan 2015

Defender will not affect avast as defender in w7 onwards is nolonger an antivirus only antimalware.

Assuming you have scanned with Avast and Malwarebtes and all is OK?

try ADWCleaner to get rid of PUPs and Browser Addons

Switch off windows indexing and auto updates (just remember to check for updates monthly)

see what effect this has before we advise further.

  wildhouse 22:26 18 Jan 2015

Thanks, Fruit Bat. Thought Defender only worked when I asked it to! Don't have auto updates on as find my computer invariably slows down even more when I install updates, but will try ADW Cleaner. Wondering if getting a registry cleaner would help (I don't know of any freebie registry cleaners)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:59 18 Jan 2015

Registry cleaners can be more trouble tan they are worth.

However CCleaner will

clear all the rubbish off your drives

control startup programs

and safely clean the registry.

May help with your problem.

too many programs running at start will slow up any machine.

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