slow comp reformated and worse

  ferretgirl29 21:23 03 Dec 2008

hi new to site and nee some help
i have a emachines comp 2yrs old
processor intel-r pentium r-d
cpu-2.80ghz 2.79ghz
ram 1014mb
system type 32bit
160gb hard drive
duel core

my internet aol was running verry slow and comp was
so i put format disk in and wipt comp every thing off and got aol back on running slower than ever it always comes up aol not responding for 2 to 3 seconds
then my comp is verry slow it will not do 2 things at once at all or it all crashes and just freezes and says not responding any help mplease thanks

  chub_tor 21:32 03 Dec 2008

Which OS is it XP or Vista?

  ferretgirl29 21:37 03 Dec 2008

hi its vista

  chub_tor 21:55 03 Dec 2008

OK first thing let's deal with the slow computer. You will notice a significant increase in performance if you put in more RAM. At the very least increase it to 2GB and if you can afford it go to 3GB or 4Gb. And if you have just re-installed Vista then make sure that SP1 is installed, it has a smaller kernel and is a little bit faster.

If you have just formatted it then you shouldn't really have any viruses or spyware slowing you down but it really is worthwhile running some checks to find out.

When you have done those checks you should also run CCleaner to get rid of any temporary files that may have been left by the installation and to clean the registry.

With any luck the cleanup will also improve your AOL performance but you should check back here and you will get some advice from AOL users about the optimum settings to use.

  ferretgirl29 22:01 03 Dec 2008

i thought 1g ram was good ?
And if you have just re-installed Vista then make sure that SP1 is installed, it has a smaller kernel and is a little bit faster.

i dont know what that means could you explain please.

  chub_tor 22:16 03 Dec 2008

1Gb of RAm is the minimum that Vista needs and depending on your graphics card some of that can be shared to provide your graphics performance.

SP1 is the latest Service Pack for Vista and was released earlier this year. You can find out if it is installed on your PC by going to Computer, right click to get the menu, click on Properties and you will see the basic details of your system. Look under Windows Edition and se if the words Service Pack 1 are listed. You can also get to this screen via Control Panel, System & Maintenance, System.

If SP1 has not been installed then you should go to Start, Windows Update and download it.

  chub_tor 22:19 03 Dec 2008

click here are some suggestions for fixing a slow response from AOL

  ferretgirl29 20:39 04 Dec 2008

1 hi thanks i have now installed sp1
2 also when i got comp new it was verry fast
3 if i was to upgrade the graphics card what should i go for model also were will i get 1 from any good sites

4 also the same for the ram were to get from

and are they easy to fit


  ferretgirl29 20:51 04 Dec 2008

also computer cheack up and 1 click fixes wont work on my comp wont download #

iv been told wy aol so slow is because they have sold out to carphonewarehouse that wy it slow ?

  spex75 21:20 04 Dec 2008

Also do a check of your hard drive - the first signs (for me anyway) of a faulty hard drive is a marked slow down in operating speed

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:25 04 Dec 2008

Hard drives / IDE Channels:

i) Check the transfer rate, you need to have the transfer mode set to DMA not PIO.
Right click My Computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - Expand (click the + ) IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers right click Primary Channel - Advanced Settings Tab -
If transfer Mode is PIO then follow the instructions at click here to change.

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