slow closing of display properties

  simonsup 23:09 05 Nov 2005

Hi all, i got a niggling problem that i have
had for ages now that i cant seem to solve.

When i right click my desktop & chose display
properties then choose a screensaver for example,
when i ok it,its not straight away it takes about
10 secs to apply, the same to close it aswell.
Its only the display tab that does this,
the rest of the system is fine.

The funny thing is its done this on my last set up, ive upgraded my mobo, graphics & cpu.

Im using the latest graphics drivers from nvidia.
My system is:
Abit mobo - amd sempron 3000+, 1gig of ddr400 ram.
pny geforce 6600 agpx8 256 onboard ddr mem
tv tuner card.
creative external sound card (usb2)

thanks :)

ps could it be the monitor?

  Splork 23:17 05 Nov 2005

Is there a delay if you change refresh rate? Does the same thing happen if you access Display Properties in Safe Mode?

  dagwoood 02:47 06 Nov 2005

I had this problem and I cured it(purely by accident) by changing my desktop wallpaper. Go figure :)

HTH, dagwoood.

  simonsup 07:36 06 Nov 2005

hi Ive changed all my desktop pics from jpeg to bmp & its cured it...thanx :)

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