Slow Clock ( Change Battery ? )

  Green 1 01:47 05 Aug 2003

Please can you help me, my clock slows down by about 5mins in 3Hrs, when I shut down till the next day the clock keeps time, it`s only when I`m on line that it looses time. Do you think I need the battery changing? if so I know where it is on the mobo and can pull it out, is it just a case of swapping them over or does the computer need configuring in some way after. As you can see i`m not techie in any way so could you keep any replies simple, many thanks. Win 98, 256 ram,450 Mhz P3.

  accord 07:01 05 Aug 2003
  rawprawn 07:40 05 Aug 2003
  DieSse 09:16 05 Aug 2003

If it loses time when the system is running, it CANNOT be the battery - the time is kept by Windows. the battery only comes into play when the system is off.

It's a software issue, which is why in WinXP there is an on-line time checker. If not in XP, there are any number of automatic time checkers you can install.

  xania 11:14 05 Aug 2003

take a look at this thread
click here

  Smiler 14:35 05 Aug 2003

I use this program its excellent:-
click here

  Green 1 01:10 06 Aug 2003

Many thanks to all who have helped me, I shall keep an eye on it but will get a clock timer prog from the net. Once again, many thanks.

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