Slow BT Broadband connection

  taffjones 20:35 24 Mar 2007

Just switched to BT Broadband and it is REALLY slow. Running Windows 2000 (SP4) with Norton Internet Security 2006. Speeds with previous ISP not this slow. BT said that my line could take 4Mbps. Carried out a speed test on BT's own website and it came out with following results:
IP Profile=152kbps
DSL connection rate=416kbps (up-stream)
=1728kbps (down-stream)
Actual IP throughput=120kbps

What does this info 'actually' mean?

  p;3 21:41 24 Mar 2007

what do YOU mean by 'slow' ? I am on BT BB and win 98se and am happy with what I get

  [email protected] 21:47 24 Mar 2007

i thimk im correct in saying your getting just short of 2 meg, if it's a new line it takes about 2 weeks to get your optimum speed, mine was about 1.5 meg for 8 days then shot up to just under 6 meg, its stayed betweene there and 7 meg since

  p;3 21:54 24 Mar 2007

what' performance 'were you expecting?

  taffjones 22:03 24 Mar 2007

I was told that I'd get a 4Mb connection. I downloaded a 5Mb file and it took me about 5 minutes. My previous ISP connection was 0.5Mb and it was much faster than this so called 4Mb connection.

  postie24 22:11 24 Mar 2007

Nortons are very resource hungry,has your pc generally slowed up?


  p;3 22:15 24 Mar 2007

someone is reading my mind now;

  postie24 22:28 24 Mar 2007

p;3,great minds think alike,lol

  wee eddie 08:38 25 Mar 2007

The speed at which downloads occur vary.

Among other reasons there are these:

How busy the Site from which the download is coming from, is.

The Contention Issue: How many other folk are using your part of the pipe.

Norton: Nuff said.

  taffjones 10:30 25 Mar 2007

I was running Norton with previous ISP and it definitely wasn't this slow. I'm not sure what the contention ratio is like with BT but i think I'll have to give them a bell and ask them to sort it out.
Many Thanks All.

  p;3 10:36 25 Mar 2007

when does your Norton subs end? ther are far easier apps to run than it..beleieve you me and others

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