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slow browsing since last week

  sleepy03 23:18 20 Feb 2014

Hi, since tuesday 11th, the pc has been running slow when i browse the net.It fine for 20 mins then i have to use ccleaner to delete internet cache and then its fine again. Im using firefox on windows xp (ie does the same. The day prior to this issue windows did an update, then when the pc was turned on next day it had to verify and check before start up, and now the problem since. I've scanned with mcafee and spybot search and destroy, nothing malicious found.

Any suggestions/help greatly appreciated. Its as if the internet history is throttling the pc but i dont know enough to locate issue.


  onthelimit1 09:50 21 Feb 2014

It could be an XP update that's slowing it down. There have been numerous comments on this in various forums over the last few weeks. Try turning off updates to see if it makes any difference. You could also look in Processes in Task Manager to see if svchost is hogging the CPU (one article here).

  sleepy03 13:04 22 Feb 2014

thanks for the replies i'll look into these, problem is so annoying. Anymore advise greatly appreciated

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