slow broadband=virus??

  Keithrow 20:33 18 Dec 2003

I am running W98 se with NTL broadband. My internet access has become so slow, 600 version, it took 2.5 miunutes to load NTL's home page this afternoon.
On speaking to their t/s, they looked at programs I had open, automatic on startup, these are Explorer, Internat, Msnmsgr, Ccapp, Navapw32, Loadqm, Poproxy, Stimon, Starter, Systray, Hpztsb04. I have no idea what most of these are and have been careful with the spellings. My computer showed system resourses at 67% free. On closing all except Starter, Systray, Explorer & Msnmsgr the system showed 75% free.
NTL's t/s said that this was far too small a % and probably meant a virus.
I have Norton Internet Security 2004 running and up to date.
Could I have a virus?
Any help would be most appreciated. Please be aware that I am not very technical.

  Keithrow 20:35 18 Dec 2003

I should have mentioned that they, NTL, tested the connection and told me it was excellent and definitely was not to blame for the slowness.

  plsndrs3 20:41 18 Dec 2003

click here

Ad-aware & Spybot S&D both are highly recommended by this forum. Also use Stinger as this could find a worm on the system which 'auto dials' home.

Post back after this & let us know if you still have a problem & other suggestions will be given.



  Wayneh 20:44 18 Dec 2003

Even with broadband, it can get slower as the server your connecting to gets busy. its happened to me a few times and its usually in the evening or weekends.

Hope this is of use to you

  MAJ 20:51 18 Dec 2003

The startup programmes you listed seem to be okay, although Internat can be tricky. While it is a genuine Windows file there is also a virus that uses that name. Do a search for internat.exe on your system see what you come up with, if I remember correctly the genuine file is about 20k and the virus file is about 80k.

  Keithrow 20:54 18 Dec 2003

Will try the things you suggest.
I'll get back asap.
Many thanks

  Keithrow 01:44 19 Dec 2003

Internat showed a 40k program, I assume that this does not reflect a virus.
I've loaded and run Stinger but found no viruses. Spybot was more successful and managed to track down and isolate several cookies.
I'm still showing only 60% free in system/properties. NTL said this was far too low and should be up to 90% and that this low % indicated the presence of a virus. Is that likely to be true?
Thanks to you all.

  Keithrow 11:28 19 Dec 2003

Things seem to be much quicker this morning, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the problem, if there was one, has been solved.
I'll not put a 'tick' yet but will try it later in the day.
Regarding the system resourses, is 60% free about right?
NTL t/s seemed to blame this as the cause of the slow connection saying that I should be getting more like 90% free.
Thanks again

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