Slow Broadband speeds

  bluto1 20:07 02 May 2006

The following is the result of my complaint to Tiscali that I was starting Downloads at about 35MB/s which quickly decayed to 16.7KB/s.

"To resolve the issue I would first recommend you go ahead and disable the Antivirus and Firewall that is installed on your computer. Now perform the speed check from the Web site
click here If the issue persists then we need to delete the temp. files and cookies from your computer"
How to do so follows.
"Now check whether the speed has increased or not. If not then it seems that some background programmes are running on your computer. Therefore I suggest you contact your PC manufacturer and perform `msconfig` on your computer. Now run the speed check again and if still poor send us the results."

I`ll perform surgery on my computer if it`ll get the speeds I`m paying for.
Can any help please.

  bluto1 20:11 02 May 2006

Sorry forgot to add
Win XP Pro SP2
old Time tower with MSI MS 6316 mobo,
512Mb RAM, 800 MHz Athlon CPU and 2x40 Gbs HDD

  De Marcus™ 20:37 02 May 2006

The advice you were given seems a little 'amateur' to me, especially if this is a technical help desk person.

To start with my first advice would be (if this was a sudden change) rebooting your modem. If your modem has a reset button, push it to reboot. Otherwise, unplug the power cord from the modem. Give it a minute and then reconnect the power.

Then go into your browser and dump cookies, history and temporary files. In Internet Explorer, click Tools and Internet Options. On the General tab, click Delete Cookies, Delete Files and Clear History.

Try that first before venturing into unloading startup programs via msconfig, etc.

  bluto1 20:58 02 May 2006

Many thanks for your idea. I`ve got to rush off now but I`ll try it out in about an hour.Thanks again

  bluto1 22:28 02 May 2006

They say the simple way is always best. Yours was great and,(for now) I`m back on speed. Thanks a million, problem resolved

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