JerryH 09:22 21 Feb 2011

A few mths ago Openreach installed fibreoptic to the local box. I was given to understand this would improve my pathetic download speed of 1.8 MB. It has not. I live in a clump of houses which are connected by overhead cable for the last 1/4 mile, but BT would obviously have known this. I run voice and broadband on same line, but my wiring was checked by BT engineer 9 mths ago. I use a BT-issue homehub.

I get nowhere when I complain. Any suggestions as to how I can get them to do smthg, and what could be done?

  961 11:33 21 Feb 2011

I take it your broadband ISP is BT

Has your master socket got a front plate which provides separate sockets for house phones and broadband or does it only have one and you use microfilters?

  cocteau48 12:00 21 Feb 2011

If you can access your routers stats page (try in your browser search bar) - look for your bandwidth or maybe sync speed.

This is not your download speed but it is what is leaving the exchange and heading in your direction.

You need to establish what is being sent before you can tell whether what you are getting is reasonable or not. A download speed which is about 80% of bandwidth is normally seen as acceptable.

  Clapton is God 12:44 21 Feb 2011

And what speed package are you on?

If you're on an "up to" 2 MB package, for instance, 1.8 MB download isn't bad at all.

  Poitier 15:17 21 Feb 2011

I think that you will find that they actually installed a green fibre optic box close to the existing green extention box.When you subscribe to BT Infinity an engineer connects your copper extention to it.See click here .You can check the speed to expect on the site. Apologgies if you have already subscribed ,but I have the impression that you have not.

  JerryH 15:25 21 Feb 2011

Many thanks for responses. Answers:
961 - Yes my ISP is BT. I use microfilters on all phones.
Cocteau48 - It seems BT's Homehub does not have an address
Clapton is God - My package is supposed to be 8MB. (I haven't paid for a faster one precisely because of the always deathly slow speed.)

I should have said earlier that there is no cable to the door locally. I am looking to the coming integration of TV and broadband, which is why I want BT to deliver a proper service.

  proudfoot 15:31 21 Feb 2011

to access the homehub put:- click here
into the address bar of your browser.

  cocteau48 15:34 21 Feb 2011


Have a read here:click here

  JerryH 15:50 21 Feb 2011

Again thanks!
I've accessed homehub; stated speed is 2.144 MB. Also, Poitier, I've followed up on the Infinity site; they do not offer a service in my locality.

Seems to me I somehow have to get BT to instal a better overhead wire over the last 400 m??

  961 16:28 21 Feb 2011

My first suggestion would be for you to test your broadband speed directly into the test socket which is situated behind the faceplate of your BT master socket

If that speed is markedly different to that you are currently getting then you need to take steps to isolate your broadband connection from your house phone wiring. This will also do away with the need to use microfilters

click here

will help you identify the type of master socket you have and methods of isolating your broadband circuit

If you then continue to have trouble you may care to read the following thread will may help you improve your speeds

click here

  Graham. 17:16 21 Feb 2011

The new fibre cabinet may have been erected, but not yet connected to the 'D' (Distribution) side.

You will have to ask BT if that has been done.

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