Slow broadband speed

  mnopq 20:19 17 Sep 2008

PC Advisor Broadband indicates that, based on my postcode, my line is capable of 4Mbps. A speed test shows 0.97 Mbps, which is only a little short of the maximum of 1.1Mbps I have ever achieved - the ISP indicates "up to 8Mbps". I use a Speedtouch USB modem connected to the main telephone point - disconnecting the telephones makes no difference to the speed. Would a change of modem to a wireless router bring about an improvement or am I stuck. The line has been unbundled but the ISP says the slow speed is down to length of line - about 1.7km from the exchange.

  RobCharles1981 20:38 17 Sep 2008

You will get good advice on click here regarding this issue.

  ^wave^ 20:39 17 Sep 2008

which isp

  oldbeefer2 08:34 18 Sep 2008

I would have thought you should get more at that distance - I'm 6km away and get 4meg BUT only at a quiet time of night. Drops to 0.5meg when the local kids come home from school and start downloading videos (contention ratio). You need to take a number of readings through the day and night to get a real feel for what's going on.

  woodchip 09:17 18 Sep 2008

You Could try this, What I use it may improve it. click here

  User-1229748 10:15 18 Sep 2008

If those speeds turn out to be the best you can achieve i would consider cable if of course that is possible from your location.

  mnopq 12:52 18 Sep 2008

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the DSL Zone UK site broadband checker - apparently my line is enabled at 2.2Mbps (as indicated on my screen), but the line is only capable of 1Mbps - which I have achieved once. Distance from the exchange is stated to be 1.72km, which lines up with the 1.7km I had been told. Cyber Tweak would not work - presumably a dead site.

  woodchip 16:02 18 Sep 2008

CyberTweak only needs downloading the double click the Download click here

  Dipso 20:03 23 Sep 2008

If you are on a fixed 2 Meg connection I would suggest you consider upgrading to an ISP that provides an up to 8 Meg or one of the LLU providers, Sky, Be, UKOnline that have their own equipment in the exchange. If you are really that close to the exchange you could be seeing speeds of at least 8 Meg from your line, maybe much more.

Can you find your line stats click here in particular your downsream attenuation.

You can tweak as much as you like but if you are on 2 Meg you won't exceed that. Also, changing to a wireless router won't make a difference to your line speed.

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