slow broadband - at limit of coverage area

  markdavid 10:57 04 Mar 2009

I am apparently right at the limits of my telephone company's broadband coverage area, and am paying my ISP for a 1 Mega connection. I have a Broadband 2+ router, a new HP Compaq laptop with XP Pro, so there is plenty of capacity. My speeds are getting slower (possibly due to more customers connecting?). Latest test figures: Download 55 kbps, upload 260 kbps. (ping 137 ms.)
I'm currently letting the phone company do battle with my ISP to try to improve speeds, especially download of course.
Meanwhile, is there anything I can do, maybe software-wise, to achieve a greater speed? (To give you an idea of the slowness, the pcadvisor homepage took about 2 minutes to fully load!)

Many thanks in advance.

  oldbeefer2 11:10 04 Mar 2009

You can connect your router (through a known good filter) directly to the main BT box - bypassing any extension leads is a sensible check in case a duff connection is reducing speed. How far away from the exchange are you? I'm 6km and get around 3meg (at a quiet time of day, down to around 1meg at tea time).

  User-1229748 11:37 04 Mar 2009

to be honest i don't use a router but you can change the channel in case too many are using the same channel as you.hopefully someone will explain how to do this or whether it's worth trying :o)

  Graphicool1 12:44 04 Mar 2009

My connection is as your's and for a similar reason. If (as I do) you do a lot of downloading you might want to get yourself the free version of DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) They say if you are on Broadband they can make the download faster still by opening another port. I haven't gone down that road I find DAP as it stands to be as fast as I need.

When downloading DAP they'll give you the option of having SpeedBit Video Accelerator (also free) it helps to stop the pauses when watching a video.
click here

  bjh 12:56 04 Mar 2009

Your download speed is considerably slower than your upload speed - this is not usual and, I think, indicates that there is a problem on the line.

Things you could try....

Try witha USB based Speedtouch 330 type (click here ) as they are sometimes better at giving a stable connection on a slow line. You should be able to borrow one from a friend, as many people have upgraded to wireless.

Connect direclty to the BT master socket. Disconnect ALL internal wiring for extension phones etc.

If you have a bell wire connected in the phone line, you can try removing it - this can make a substantial difference... see click here

Listen on the phone line; can you hear crackle? If so, get BT to sort out the line quality for telephone calls, not just broadband.

Switch your router off for at least 30 minutes before reconnecting; let it renegotiate the speed of connect.

Ask your near-neighbours what their connect speed is.

  markdavid 14:36 04 Mar 2009

Many thanks guys. I've overwhelmed by your ideas! I'll try the things you suggest and let you know what - if anything - works.

By the way, I'm on a hillside about 5 kms from the exchange, and I know that coverage here is very patchy.
What really gets me is that my ISP blames the phone Co, while still charging me for 1 mega!

  Dipso 21:53 04 Mar 2009

What model router do you have? If it is listed here click here see if you can obtain the stats from your line which would give more of an idea of it's speed potential.

Which ISP are you with?

  markdavid 10:03 05 Mar 2009

Dipso - The router is DLink DSL-G624T.
I have obtained 4 sheets of figures - Ethernet, ADSL and Wireless, plus from the ADSL Status page SNR margin, Line attenuation and Data Rates.

Since this is all rather over my head, which figures will tell you something meaningful, and I will mail them here?

Thanks again.

  woodchip 10:10 05 Mar 2009

I am on a lot faster connection than you, but I did have a Problem with My connection speed, it was dropping more each time I connected. I leave my router switched on all the time. I Refreshed the Router using the Button on the Back of the Router, not the Pin hole at the back, as this restores Default settings. its a Inset button that refreshes the Router and leaves you settings alone. Speed went back to Normal

  Stuartli 11:59 05 Mar 2009

The TalkTalk Members' help section has some excellent advice and explanations. For instance:

click here

click here

  markdavid 13:28 05 Mar 2009

woodchip - I also leave my router on all the time, so this could be interesting. But there is only one pinhole button on the back of my router. It's recessed and says "reset." From what you say, this is NOT the one to press. Correct?

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