Slow broadband issue

  shortcircuit 00:10 12 Jul 2005


Been struggling with this issue below for 3 months now to no avail. How someone out there can help!

I had Plusnet 1mb BB for about a year and was very happy. I then had an email from Plusnet saying to upgrade to 2mb BB for £14.99. Great! I thought and did it.

When I came home, I connection icon changed from 1.1mbps to 2.2mbps. Great. Then I speedtested it and got 1985mbps..even better, however, it didn't seem 2x as fast as 1mb.

Then the following week, I noticed a sudden slowdown and so speedtested it and got 956mbps.

I checked my modem, swapped it for another, changed filters, tried different firmware, connected pc from main incoming socket with nothing attached and all with no change.
I contacted Plusnet and said the above and they said its not their issue but BT. BT came out and said the line is fine but questioned my filters.( typical..they always have to blame something else). Anyway, they said its not to do with them and the line is fine.

Plusnet replied that they are wrong and that they have a good service to that exchange. I complained again and they said that they will raise a callout again with BT. I asked that I could be present and witness the speedtest they carry out with their laptop. When they came out, they shielded me from all the work and then said everything is ok and its Plusnet, also that they were not responsible for the speed. When I asked to see the results, they said they would be on the server for BT and plusnet to see. They will be clearly be able to see that the line into the house it fine. So, over to Plusnet......
They said that they can do no more andf tried to bill me the callout for BT!. I pointblank refuse. However, I offer to pay it if an engineer from Plusnet attends my house and carries out a speedtest in front of me with a frog modem or a Connexant modem like mine and gets a download of in excess of 1800mbps. So far, no luck.
Does anyone have any ideas what I could do to try and solve this dilemma? I'm at my whits end and don't really want to leave plusnet as they were good to me for the last 3 yrs. I have asked to forget the lot and downgrade me to 1mb and refund me my £14.99, but so far they have refused.

  shortcircuit 10:21 12 Jul 2005


  keith-236785 10:54 12 Jul 2005

i cant offer any technical advice but i would try calling their bluff and threaten to go elsewhere unless they provide what you are paying for.

look for alternatives so you can say im going to go with ......... unless you sort this problem out. AND i will also spread the word about the poor service provided by yourselves.

personally i would just find another supplier, cancel with plusnet and await the phone call from customer services about why you have left....then let them have both barrels (wait for the apology, and the free offer to come back).

the more i hear about and personally encounter these people who promise the earth and deliver nothing makes me very angry.

  shortcircuit 12:56 12 Jul 2005

Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try.


  shortcircuit 09:24 23 Jul 2005


Plusnet emailed me and siad that BT had found a fault at the exchange and everything should now be ok. I re-logged on and yep! All up and running at 2MB!!

You just don't know who to beleive. Was it BT all along? Who knows.

  Graham ® 09:45 23 Jul 2005

Was it BT all along? In this case, yes. Both engineers should have seen the fault. I know from experience you sometimes have to persist, as you did.

Why not share the matter on PlusNet forum?

  shortcircuit 09:52 23 Jul 2005

Yep . I will do that.


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