Slow broadband, far from exchange

  audstar10 21:34 06 Sep 2010

I recently moved to a new build and now I get my broadband through sky who say I the best download speed I can get on my line is 512kbps because I am far from the exchange, a speed checker says i'm getting 642kbps. I can't even watch a short clip on youtube without it stuttering, very frustration when i've just got a new imac. Is there anything I can do to improve my download speed? Who is responsible for where exchanges are situated? BT?
thanks any help

  Nontek 21:59 06 Sep 2010

I am in a similar situation having recently moved home. I fitted a BT iPlate which did make a small improvement to my speed, though still not great by any means as I can still only get a little over 1Mb.

  Nontek 22:01 06 Sep 2010
  northumbria61 22:05 06 Sep 2010

Who is responsible for where exchanges are situated? BT? - YES !

  birdface 22:07 06 Sep 2010

I take it that there is no virginmedia in your area.
What speed you want is what you get with them.

Have you tried o2 to see what they can offer.

  northumbria61 22:10 06 Sep 2010

The LINK from Nontek shows you the BT iPlate which has come down in price since first introduced - I got mine free as I am a BT Broadband customer. It has made a difference even though I was getting good results anyway - I am 1 mile from the exchange so I regularly get 6.9MB download speed.
Give it a try - it "should" make some difference but be warned it is not instant - it can take up to 10 days to show up.

  audstar10 22:28 06 Sep 2010

Cant get virgin in my area unfortunately and Sky claim I couldn't get anything better from another provider because my slow speed is due to the quality of the line and distance from the exchange! Have emailed BT to complain.

  audstar10 22:32 06 Sep 2010

thanks for all the responses, think I already have an iplate, my main phone socket certainly looked a lot like the one in the pic when the BT guy came out to connect our phone line.

  Woolwell 22:41 06 Sep 2010

Ignore what it says about lightning fast, etc on BT's site click here but insert your phone details and it will give you an estimate of the maximum speed you could get. This is not a proper speed tester in that it doesn't actually test your speed but gives what it estimates to be the best you can get.

  cocteau48 23:03 06 Sep 2010

I had not come across Woolwell's link before - so I gave it a try and it estimates that the maximum speed I am likely to get (using BT Total Broadband on a non-BT Line) is 2.5Mb.

With TalkTalk as my ISP I actually get 4.5Mb!

  audstar10 14:09 07 Sep 2010

The BT website says it estimates I can get 0.512mb! Rubbish!

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