Slow Broadband

  hugh144 18:00 04 Aug 2009

Hi - My broadband speed for the last few days appears very slow. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

Is it due to the holidays / poor weather / bored kids resulting in more people accessing the wwww?

My ISP is Orangehome - not startling fast at the best of times, but now appears to have slowed to a crawl!

  woodchip 18:05 04 Aug 2009

Try rebooting your router modem

  hugh144 18:10 04 Aug 2009

Thanks Woodchip for your prompt reply - further question:

How do you reboot (Speedtouch 330 modem)?

  woodchip 18:12 04 Aug 2009

Just turn the power of if there is no switch. I have one but cannot remember if it as a switch so remove the cable plugs then push them back in. I know this is a USB modem but think the is a power brick with it so remove that

  RobCharles1981 18:19 04 Aug 2009


Can you post your line stats the link below shows how its done.

click here

  Grey Goo 20:25 04 Aug 2009

If you have never tweaked your settings there is some info here.

click here

  hugh144 21:01 04 Aug 2009

Getting a bit over my head now, but I've checked the Speedtouch diagnostics and its showing 0 - 2 kbs both downstream and upstream. (Not sure if that signifies anything)! PC is less than 6 months old so I believe that's OK!

  woodchip 21:03 04 Aug 2009

Are you using this on a Wireless Laptop?

  hugh144 19:40 05 Aug 2009

I've spoken to a helpful chap on Orange support who requested me to run click here on three separate occasions (am / pm & evening) and to inform them of the result.

First test came up with Downstream 2272 kbps & Up stream 288kbps.

Apparently, after they have the 3 lots of data they will request BT to check the phone line.

All getting a bit tedious!

  Salut 20:06 05 Aug 2009

I would not trust Orange or recommend their technical service to anyone.

I spent three months trying to get Orange to resolve a very slow speed connection. Basically I went through every routine and hoop they asked me to jump through-and the speeds still remained slow ( I mean less than 100 kbps). Ultimately Orange claimed that BT could not provide any faster connection.

Utter rubbish. Neighbours were getting between 2 and 4mbps. Orange always insisted that they could not speed up the line.

Eventually switch to a new supplier (o2) who not only provide a steady speed of nearly 3mbps but charge far less. The o2 tech people also do seem to care that you are receiving a decent service.

  Daveboy 15:42 06 Aug 2009

You have a fixed rate 2 meg cicuit. You may be able to furnish more info by:

Speedtouch 330

You need to install "Dr SpeedTouch". Unfortunately Thomson/speedtouch seem to have removed their download link, but you should be able to install it from the installation cd that came with your modem.
Install the program and run "Diagnostics".
Right Click the icon in your system tray >>
Advanced >>
"Write log to disk"
Now open the log file in IE (its in .xml format so you may have to use IE to open it).
You should now be able to see your line stats amongst a lot of other information.
Sometimes Dr ST may throw an error saying that its been unable to complete all checks but it should still output the linestats information that you need.
The stats you are looking for are:-


It is recommended that you close the program after you have finished as it can be quite resource hungry.

(Thank you to secret and banger for passing me the Dr Speedtouch link
Thanks also go to TriGGa who was one of the first to make this info available).

Important Information for users of the Speedtouch 330 on DSLMax

Some older versions may be set by default is set to a

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