Slow Boot up

  SSR 39773 20:43 24 Sep 2004

I have just built a new basic PC based on the PC chips board and 2600 AMD. All seesm to be great except that on power up it takes about 30 seconds from first response to get booted into the start of the XP boot. It sits at AUTO DETECTING PRIMARY DRIVE for all this time then all seems ok and it works fine.

What is the cause / fix.



  Diodorus Siculus 20:47 24 Sep 2004

IF you have the documentation for the disk, you may be able to manually set the parameters and that will save the necessity of the auto detect.

  SSR 39773 20:51 24 Sep 2004

Thankd but I tried that and it seemed to make no overall difference. Just slow from a different bit.

Am I right that it should only take a few seconds to get to the windows screen like all other machines I have had?


  Diodorus Siculus 20:55 24 Sep 2004

You are correct in your assumption. Don't know the solution then... maybe a clean (re)install of XP?

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