Slow backup

  m800afc 14:42 27 Jul 2008

Windows XP Pro SP3
I currently use Acronis True Image 10 to perform backups. It takes a very long time, about 72hours, to do a full backup. Is there a quicker, affordable, way of doing this? Currently I have 550Gb of data spread over three discs.

  johndrew 15:11 27 Jul 2008

What are you backing up to? It sounds as if you are using re-writable CD/DVDs.

You would be far better using an external drive; preferably a fairly fast one. Breaking your data into smaller files would also help. There is no need to keep backing up data that doesn`t change; so perhaps you could back this up separately and avoid it when you do your full backup.

In my opinion ATI is the best backup tool available, but to get the best from it you need to use it efficiently and with the best media.

  m800afc 15:16 27 Jul 2008

I am backing up to an external 1Tb drive.

  rawprawn 17:01 27 Jul 2008

If it's taking so long I would untick "Validate" in options when you are creating a backup, and just use validate sparingly.

  johndrew 19:09 27 Jul 2008

There is another possibility; corrupt files. It may take some time but if yo examine each folder you may well find some (especially in music files) with these deleted thing will speed up.

  MarvintheAndroid 19:57 28 Jul 2008

Please confirm how your drive is connected. USB1.1 / USB2 / Firewire / E-SATA ? These sound like USB2 speeds.

550GB is a lot if that's really what you meant, I'm not surprised it is taking so long.


  m800afc 20:01 28 Jul 2008

It is connected by USB2, and yes, it really is 550Gb.

  MarvintheAndroid 20:13 28 Jul 2008

If you want a speed boost you need to get away from USB2 to something faster, say Firewire or E-SATA. However this amount of data will still take a LONG time to copy.

You could try removing the drive from its caddy and connecting it internally, see if that makes much difference. You should hopefully be looking for something around 10-12 hours.


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