Slow audio sound

  yozzer1 09:48 06 Feb 2003

the sound from my cd rom drive and cd re-writer
is slow,but when I play music from my hard drive,
the sound is normal. Can anyone help, please !!!

  MartinT-B 10:27 06 Feb 2003

Have you tried updating your drivers and firmware?

What make and model is your CD and what is your sound set-up, On-board or card? If on-board what MoBo (motherboard) or what soundcard?

  yozzer1 10:17 07 Feb 2003

my cd rom drive is 40x speed generic,my cd re-writer is samsung 40x4x8,sound is not on-board but dont no manuf,of card,and have misplaced the driver ! could it be the driver if sound is ok on hard drive ?

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