Slipstreaming WinXP, SP2...

  NirvanaGuy 23:12 10 Apr 2005

I'm planning on reformatting my HDD tonight, as I'm only getting ATA100 speeds instead of the 133 it should be. (Samsung SpinPoint SP1614N).
Samsung have released a patch which you can download here.

click here

But my question is, instead of downloading SP2 and copying the files over for a slipstream CD, will it have the same effect if I just copy the files over from a SP2 CD?


  LastChip 23:57 10 Apr 2005

You can.

  NirvanaGuy 00:04 11 Apr 2005

Cool, thanks! I should really do this when I haven't been working all day and am not tired!

  NirvanaGuy 00:26 11 Apr 2005

I still can't seem to do it. I'm trying to merge the SP2 with the files that are on my WinXP CD. But the 1386 folder doesn't seem to be on the SP2 so I'm having trouble merging them. Is there away around this?

  Charence 00:29 11 Apr 2005

click here for a helpful website.

  LastChip 00:32 11 Apr 2005

Both sets of files have to be on your hard drive. You can't slipstream from a CD. You need to copy the contents of both your XP disc and SP2 disk to the hard drive.

click here for a full explanation.

  NirvanaGuy 00:37 11 Apr 2005

LastChip, thanks but Ive already copied the files over. I'm only tired! Charence, thanks for your link, that's helped alot. Saved me downloading SP2!

  NirvanaGuy 00:57 11 Apr 2005

Another part to add, reckon it would work with a bootable DVD? Worth a try!

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