Slipstream XP with SATA drivers

  iqs 19:13 08 Jun 2008

Hello,I have just used AutoStreamer to slipstream my old OEM copy of XP with SP2,and another copy with SP3.

A few questions if you don't mind please?.

1,Is my copy of XP the same as the ver I have seen for sale listed as XPSP2 HOME EDITION?.

2,Does my copy now support installing onto a SATA HD.

3,If not,I have downloaded nlite,but I do not have the SATA drivers,are they unique to the MB,or are there MICROSOFT generic drivers available .


  GaT7 23:51 08 Jun 2008

1. XP SP2 will have SP2 integrated. Your's may/may not have SP2. You can check your version - see click here

2. No to the original & slipstreamed versions, because...

3. The SATA drivers are unique to the SATA on your motherboard (there are no Microsoft generic SATA drivers that I know of). So you'll need to visit your motherboard's website, download them & use F6. Or, slipstream them too - nLite will do it under Integrate > Drivers. AutoStreamer may do it too.

I can help you find the SATA drivers for your motherboard if you post the make & exact model number. G

  lotvic 23:54 08 Jun 2008

Slipstreaming WinXP w/ sp2 & Sata Raid click here

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