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  interzone55 16:40 24 Feb 2004

I've seen lots of comments around deriding Gibson Research, but no-one seems to explain exactly why Steve Gibson is the butt of all this ridicule.

His site serves a purpose (for testing firewalls), he provides free security information and useful bits of software, so why the laughter whenever his name is mentioned?

  Chegs ® 16:46 24 Feb 2004

Steve often gets derided as he in turn often derides M$ products.Some of his postings are a touch on the "paranoid" but he has produced several littles apps that I use(DCOMBOBULATOR/Messenger Disable,etc)so I tend to ignore most of the derision.

  Jester2K 16:50 24 Feb 2004

This site click here explains all.

He's a marketeer - mainly for himself.

He "invents" things that are already invented.

He's an unnecessary messenger of doom...

His Spin-Rite program is just laughable - the claims he makes cannot be substantiated and people who work in the field of hard drive technology know he's talking waffle.

Yes Shoot The Messenger is handy but so simple i even wrote my own version.

Shields-Up is every paranoid fantasist's dream. He had the gall to haul MS over unpatched problems but when SU was hacked / reverse engineered so it could be used by anyone to perform a Port Scan on anyone (the very thing SG tries to protect you from) he did - Nothing......

  Jester2K 16:52 24 Feb 2004

Also read

Gibson declared antivirus software 'dead' -- in 1992 - click here


Dissecting Steve Gibson GRC DoS Page - click here (from when his website suffered a DDoS attack)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:01 24 Feb 2004

He will not attend any security conferences, he neglects to mention that home computers have no chance of being hacked, he has never written about the ethos of hacking, in relation to home computers, he has sent people's paranoia to infinity and beyond, he neglects to mention that all the 'alerts' *cough* are NOT hacking attempts, which results in millions of people hammering the Whois to no avail........I could go on but boredom prevails.

Anyone would be better listening to the crew at Sophos (esp. their CEO), who seem to have a better grip on the realities of life rather than Sci-Fi fantasies coupled with an obvious leaning towards the Joe McCarthy era.


  Chegs ® 18:05 24 Feb 2004

Having reread my post,when I say I ignore the derision,I mean from both sides. :-)

  Forum Editor 18:05 24 Feb 2004

Couldn't put it better myself - so I won't try.

  interzone55 09:50 25 Feb 2004

Thanks for the input, I'll read the grcsucks site later.

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