slightly fuzzy monitor mage

  zimsun 18:57 23 Mar 2003

I have hooked up a MagInnovision MX21F 21 inch monitor to a P4. The problem is that when I change the resolution to 1024 by 768 the monitor image is slightly fuzzy. The image is okay at lower resolutions suchas 800 by 600. But obviously I can't 'see' as much on the scren.

I checked the driver and it seems to be fine. I also e-mailed MagInnovision but so far have had no reply.

The monitor can be programmed. Is this the answer?

Any ideas?


  Djohn 19:18 23 Mar 2003

You should be able to go much higher than that, and still see the display with comfort.

Try 12x10 to start with and do you know what the refresh rate is set at?

To start with while you try different resolutions, it's best to set your graphics card to optimal. Once you have found a comfortable resolution, then you can try different refresh rates. J.

  vaughan007 08:52 24 Mar 2003

Yes. Sounds like your refresh rate is set too low to me, which is giving you the fuzziness.

  DieSse 10:07 24 Mar 2003

If you turn down the contrast and/or the brightness, does the fuzziness get better?

  anchor 10:07 24 Mar 2003

With the exception of Russia, their whole site seems to be down. Maybe thats why you have not received a reply.

  DieSse 10:08 24 Mar 2003

Can you try the monitor on another system - it could be a graphics card problem.

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