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  rickf 08:55 16 Apr 2018

The drainage of my sink is running slowly. I have taken out the U tube and cleaned it. It is still draining rather slowly. Have also used a 1m snake down the drain pipe after the U tube and the problem is still there. Is there such a thing as an air block in the drainage pipe???

  rickf 08:56 16 Apr 2018

Sorry, this should have been in speakers' corner but don't know how to re-direct.

  Govan1x 09:28 16 Apr 2018

Contact the Forum Editor he will shift it for you.

Try some soda crystals in it at night time and flush away in the morning Any grease in the pipes that should get rid of it. Only about £1 out of Wilkinsons. or you can buy drain blockage fluid from the same place.

I would check that your drain outside is not blocked as that would also cause the problem.

You could always close this thread and open another in speakers corner infor FE that you have done that and ask him to delete this one.

Now are you talking about an upstairs sink or a kitchen sinkk.

  rickf 10:12 16 Apr 2018

It's an upstairs sink in the bathroom. The U tube is spotless and as far as I know the top bit of the down pipe is cleaned too as I have used a snake device about 1m long.

  Govan1x 13:11 16 Apr 2018

I would still give the soda crystals a try. Also if your water is slow to drain maybe put as much water in it as possible and use a small rubber plunger that you get from most DIY places that may give enough pressure to clear it.

Is there any sound of gurgling water coming from the basin if so that would maybe suggest that the drain that the water is going into is partly blocked.

If you can maybe give the pipe outside a little tap with the back of a knife or something like that if the pipe is clear you will get a sort of hollow sound if full a sort of muffled sound that way you can find out whereabouts the problem is.

  rickf 14:50 16 Apr 2018

Thanks for the suggestion. Will give it a go later or tomorrow when free. Yes, it does have a gurgling sound as it come to the end.

  bumpkin 17:13 16 Apr 2018

It's an upstairs sink in the bathroom.

Then it should discharge into a hopper outside, make sure that is clear. If so the partial blockage can only be in the outlet pipe. Gurgling noises suggest the hopper is full or not discharging quickly enough, if that is the case then you need clear it or its downpipe. If it is in your internal pipework and not physically accesible then drain acid or brick acid as a last resort. As an retired plumber I have done this many times.

  rickf 08:00 17 Apr 2018

bumpkin, thanks for suggestions.

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