Slight network problem

  orangewhiteblue 11:53 05 Jun 2004


I have networked two pc's via a crossover cable.

Internet is working on both and I can see the folders on one pc but not the other way.

Can any one suggest what may be the problem


  AndySD 12:15 05 Jun 2004

Can you tell us the operating systems and which one can see the other.

  computernerdiamnot 12:23 05 Jun 2004

Have you selected the folders for sharing on the computer you cannot see

  orangewhiteblue 12:38 05 Jun 2004

Both computers are windows xp pro and I have enabled folders for sharing on both pc's.

  AndySD 12:47 05 Jun 2004

Have you disabled the ms firewall click here

and do you run any other firewall software

  orangewhiteblue 12:49 05 Jun 2004

I run ZoneAlarm Pro which I have disabled and also reduced the level of protection as previous experience has shown that it won't allow internet connection at the highest levels.

XP firewall also disabled.

  AndySD 13:54 05 Jun 2004

So is the pc that you cant see the folders on the one with zonezlarm on?

  vinnyo123 16:40 05 Jun 2004

NTFS? check permissions

  orangewhiteblue 17:25 05 Jun 2004

Yes it is the pc with zonealarm on that I can't see

  AndySD 20:21 05 Jun 2004

Dont disable it but try changing settings in there....even allow all. If that works you will need to uninstall zone alarm get the network going then reinstall zone alarm

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