Slideshow on samsung T805 tablet

  jerica 11:44 18 May 2018

Hi, I've got a Samsung T805 tablet and I want to know if is possible to run a slide show of photos from a USB stick attached to the tablet without downloading them to the tablet. I've attached the USB and the photos can be viewed but I cannot seem to get them to work in a slide show or just swipe them. I have to view one then go back to file to view the next and so on. Hope this makes sense, thanks.

  Forum Editor 12:40 18 May 2018

Look for an app called Nexus photo Viewer for Android. It will do what you need.

  jerica 14:34 18 May 2018

Nexus phot viewer no longer available, it put me onto something called usb media explorer which doesn't work

  MJS WARLORD 17:38 18 May 2018

I have a Samsung tablet and unless somebody knows different there is only one way. Add you pc's email address to any email program on your tablet. From your pc , attach the photos to an email and send them to yourself. They will by default go to your isp server and then to everything that contains your email address.

When the email arrives on your tablet open the attachment and click save option on photos. Now to view the photos tap the gallery icon on your tablet.

Unless you have something on your tablet to open zipped (compressed) folders send the photos uncompressed in small batches .

As I say this is the only way I know of but somebody may know of a quicker and more efficient way.

  difarn 18:31 18 May 2018

When you plug in your USB drive can you navigate to the folder where the photos are stored and see if there is a customize tab? If there is does it give you the option to change the folder type to pictures?

  jerica 11:38 19 May 2018

I'm trying to do this without loading the pics to the tablet as I don't want them there all the time. The files show up and I can view them but there is no swipe action and I cannot change file type. All I want is a way of keeping the pics on the usb but being able to view them with the swipe option. The USB photo viewer by homesoft doesn't have a swipe action but when I tried it told me that the USB media explorer by homesoft did have, neglecting to say I had to pay for it. Went for it anyway and it doesn't work.

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