Slide show software

  six-h 23:40 20 Feb 2010

I've been playing with this click here and I'm quite impressed with it.
Just waiting for the bad news from the gas bill to see if I can countenance shelling out USD75.00 for a licence!
Interested to hear of anyone else thats tried or bought it.

  rdave13 00:34 21 Feb 2010

49 squids for something that you'll use how often?
If often then fine. If occasionally then not fine :)

  six-h 00:51 21 Feb 2010

rdave13: have to agree, but I think it's the best quality and most veratile programme I've ever tried.
The bad news is even worse when you factor in the forex charges levied by Mastercard!

The trial is fully functional and not time limited but anything you produce has a banner at the bottom so I'll just put up with that for now.

Still interested to hear of other users opinions.

  Technotiger 09:22 21 Feb 2010

The full program of Ashampoo Slideshow 2010 is Free on PCA Mag, March 2010 disc.

  mimosa418 10:19 21 Feb 2010

If you are considering a pay for software have a look at Pro Show Gold
click here
I have beeen using it for some time with excelent results.

  jack 10:33 21 Feb 2010

Windows has it built in.

click here
Others vesion for version of Windows
My one of choice is
Free download for a slightl restricive 45 day trial and about £15 to buy[$25 Canadian]

  jack 10:34 21 Feb 2010

opps forgot the link

click here

  six-h 17:24 23 Feb 2010

Technotiger: Thanks for pointing that out!
I rarely clock what's on the CD, presuming that most of the good stuff is reserved for the "first class" subscribers! lol
I'll have a look at it.

mimosa418: British Gas would have to give me a refund of last year's bills for me to buy that!!
...Nice though!

jack: Yes, I use Photostory 3 as well, but PixPlay seems similar to so many others with "set" transitions and effects.

  Sea Urchin 17:33 23 Feb 2010

DVD PixPlay is a good program - but the Freedownloadscenter (in your link) has a reputation for downloading other nasties besides the required programs. PixPlay is available from many other sites - here's one

click here

  BT 17:36 23 Feb 2010

It looks very basic but you can produce some very sophisticated slideshows with it, including music and narration. Spend a little time experimenting and its amazing what you can do.

Thers lots of advice and examples at Papajohns websites.

click here

  six-h 17:53 23 Feb 2010

BT: Agreed, I have found Papajohns very interesting though I've not yet tried to use PS3 in combination with MovieMaker.

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