Slide Show Problem using Nero 2017 Platinum.

  Wallace1297 14:06 27 May 2018

Using Windows 10 (64 bit) and Nero 2017 Platinum. I'm trying to create a slide-show of approx 3500 pictures. When I click 'Next' on my DVD remote ('Skip' on some DVD remotes) I expect to see the next image but instead the project jumps to the next CHAPTER missing out on a ton of pictures. This function wasn't a problem on my old Nero 7 and my old PC but it is (it seems) with Nero 2017. Why ? I have checked the box 'Enable Forward And Backward Jump During Playback' and I'm assuming that is what I should do. Maybe my 'Chapters' setting is wrong I don't know. So, how do I get to the point where by pressing the 'Next' button on my DVD remote I then see the next picture instead of the beginning of the next Chapter ?? Please help.

  Wallace1297 13:12 09 Jun 2018

This site is plagued by adverts. Also, 85 views and not one reply. Pathetic.

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